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  1. Default 50% Hammers and Innocence scrolls.

    I need a bit of an idiot's guide to these.

    Here's how I understand it, please correct me if I'm wrong:

    Hammering a 5 slot equip:

    fail/fail - clean slate both fails to bring it up to 7 slots, or inno back to 5 slot with 0 hammers
    pass/fail - clean slate one slot to bring it to 7 slots, - not sure if inno would bring it to 5 or 6 slots in this case
    pass/pass - happiness.


    Innocence scrolls. I see perfect and normal.

    Does normal not take away enhancements, but perfect does?

    Would I want to use a normal on something like a tyrant cloak to keep enhancements but redo whatever scrolls, but use perfect on root abyss to wipe everything clean and restart from scratch?

    Also, (and this ties in with above) what happens to the hammer slots in both cases?

    Thanks =) Hopefully I won't be bugging you guys with any more questions for a while.

  2. Default Re: 50% Hammers and Innocence scrolls.

    Fail/Fail and Pass/Pass are correct, Pass/Fail would result in 5 slots and 0 hammers when Innocence'd.

    The only difference between Perfect and Normal is that Perfect resets Scissor Count (which is only on a select few items) and Additional Options (which we don't have).

    Innocence Scrolls will reset all scrolling and enhancements.

  3. Default Re: 50% Hammers and Innocence scrolls.

    Fail/Fail - That's correct
    Pass/Fail - Slating will bring it back to 7 slots, using inno will make it back to 5 slot with 0 hammers
    Pass/Pass - Grats

    For Innocence scrolls, there's no difference except for their name and coin amount to get them.
    Both takes away Enhancement, and Scrolls used so using them on 7 star tyrants isn't a great idea

  4. Default Re: 50% Hammers and Innocence scrolls.

    Thank you both!



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