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    I have a question on how the creation and revamp process goes for the last two Cygnus Knights. GMS might do it different, but I'm sort of interested in how the Blaze Wizard mechanics and playstyle looks (at least from the videos), so I might prepare a little bit. I'd make one for the link skill anyway, but if I find it interesting enough, I just might make it another active character. I haven't fully looked into it, but just for clarity and all.

    I was thinking I can create a CK now, and use that cash item transfer event later to move some excess equips, items, and pets over for it to use, while attempting to snag a few event items along the way. I'm just curious if it had a new or different creation process than the others.

    In GMS right now, we're allowed to create a Cygnus Knight and able to advance it into any job except for BW and NW.
    So, I'm wondering if I can make a CK right now, but let it stay as a Noblesse for a while (Lv10+ maybe? I'm pretty sure some events require a higher level), at least until the revamp hits and then advance it. Would that be possible?

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    I'm fairly sure you'd be able to advance after the patch just fine, but I'm guessing at least some of the events would require you to create the character AFTER whatever date the patch falls on.

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    It sounds possible. I mean all you have to do is stop when you reach the point when you see all the 5 instructors together with quest icons above their head, because that is the moment when you choose your job. If you leave it at that point, you should be able to advance to a BW when it's ready.

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    There's literally 0 events for revamped BW and NW, they seriously got shafted LOL.

    Wait no I lied, you get a free Cash hat for being lvl 100+ for FW (doesn't have to be a newly created one), but nothing else!

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    Ah, I see. Thanks for the info. That gave me more of a reason to make it and transfer stuff on it now.
    Though, I don't think I'd care as much for the class revamp events than I do on having the rare chance to freely move around my cash items. I read on your blog that they had another cash storage item moving event during the BW revamp... But I'm pretty doubtful if GMS will let players do that again.



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