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  1. Electron Male

    IGN: Kentacles
    Server: Bera
    Level: 220
    Job: Xenon
    Guild: Academy
    Alliance: Scholars

    Basic0 Xenon stats after 330 dex/str/luk

    Im currently in a dilemma right now deciding what to do with my extra ap stat points. I currently have 131 spare ap points after reset, currently have all stats put into str(had more %str than luk but now its the other way around) and deciding which stat to put for maximum damage input.

    Current % Stats are:

    204% All stat
    291% Luk
    278% Str
    227% Dex

    Would it be better for me to distribute it evenly through all 3 stats, or all in luk. I am still currently in the process of cubing some gears, not sure how it will turn out, but was wondering on your opinion on which to put.

    Thank you

  2. Default Re: Xenon stats after 330 dex/str/luk

    Go with all 3, it will make your cubing easier aswell (especially additional potential). I have around the same amount of stat as you, but I used to be main str, I gained more dmg by splitting them in 3.



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