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  1. Default How do the various Damage % passives work?

    Are they additive or multiplicitive?

    For example how do Kaiser's normal attack damage boosts stack compare to Zero's 30% damage boost from resolution time.

    And how would the bonus 10% damage from the kanna and DA link skills stack with each other and with either of the above?

    An old guide gives the perception that it gets added on to the weapon multiplier but I'm thinking that, in Zero's case at least, the 30% and two 10%'s would stack additively and become a 50% boost/extra 1.5x multiplier rather than boosting Zero Alpha's 1.34 to 1.84.

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    Default Re: How do the various Damage % passives work?

    i don't really know for your examples, most of the time it goes on a case-by-case basis, DA and kanna link skill stack additively and they're 20%total damage that stacks additively with potential lines X% total damage and X% boss damage

    nothing in the whole game gets added on top of the weapon multiplier however, that's static

  3. Default Re: How do the various Damage % passives work?

    Okay then. I'll just try to factor them in as separate multipliers. Thanks.



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