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    Brazilian reporter tries to play a prank on Mexicans be giving them, apparently, super hot sauce.

    I want some. : (

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    So Brazillians don't eat hot sauce all too often? The luchador guy was chugging it.

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    I'm a terrible Hispanic. I can't take spicy stuff. :(

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    It happens.

    All my life, I though I couldn't tolerate spicy stuff, turns out my family likes eating crazy spicy stuff. My tolerance is actually above average and I've been slowly improving it.

    Spicy tastes so damn good to me now.

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    I played the video and there were people picking strawberries and talking about fresh cream, and before I realized it was a commercial I was too hungry to think and I had to pause the video and go get food.

    I pineappleing love spicy food. Curries and cooked peppers and literally any hot sauce.



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