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  1. Default Patch Available - KMabi 7.75

    Nexon posted a patch for KMabi version 774 upgrade to version 775.
    You may download this patch definition from their official site.
    Posted: 2014-06-18 18:42:32

  2. Default Re: Patch Available - KMabi 7.75

    New -
    Fairy pet that causes drowsiness on summon, has a healing skill and a dust skill. Some part of her skills Slows enemies, some part boosts magic immunity.

    Homestead additions
    Miniatures- Ruari, Tarlach, Mari, Ogre Transport Helper, Young Tarlach, Nao, Ferghus, Altar of the Goddess, Stonehenge, Lia Fail, Trading Post, Dungeon Orb, Kristel
    Each miniature appears to add stats, similar to titles.

    12 new titles that are +10 to all stats.
    a 12th of the same thats only +9

    Ideal World Cup Event
    A bunch of 10th anniversary related event stuff.

    Items -

    Book Bag (9x6) only holds books.
    Lorna's Travel Bag, 10x10, anything.
    Pan Bag, 10x10, anything
    Lorna Bag, 11x11, anything
    Diva, Ferghus and Tarlach balloons with a 5 time revival count each.
    Fairy Suit
    Wings - Guardian Angel, Fallen Angel, Small Guardian, Small Fallen Angel

    Alpaca Mask
    GM Print Cap
    GM Print T-shirt

    10th Anniversary festival hat
    10th Anniversary cake
    10th Anniversary Campfire kit
    10th Anniversary Firework kit
    10th Anniversary Festival Box
    10th Anniversary Bag Coupon
    Title Coupon
    Sun Glare Instrument Exchange Ticket

    Sun Glare Instruments - Piano, Violin, Lyre, Microphone (stand), Electric Guitar, Cello

    Foods -
    Apple Candy, Chocolate Banana, Cheese Popcorn, Baked Cuttlefish, Soft Ice Cream, Cloud Candy

    Coin Totems -
    Morrigahn - Max Damage 1-24
    Macha - Crit 1-14
    Neamhain - All Stats 1-18

    10 identical accessories that don't appear to do anything and don't appear complete yet. They're using the lucky rabbit foot image.

    Ideal Voting Stickers

    10 developer's thank you notes.
    New Gesture Card of some sort
    Surprising Metalware Tool (Reforge)
    Brand New Ferghus's Hammer (Adds 1 dur to an item)
    Magic Powder



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