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  1. Default Gifting a banned account?

    Hey guys
    I was just wondering what would happen if I gifted an item to a banned account. I really need guardian scrolls but I don't get unbanned until 15th of July. Customer support have been pretty useless telling me I was banned for using exploits within the game, funny because I was banned for hacking(accidentally leaving cheat engine open), I don't even know how or where they got exploiting from. I did try asking customer service in regards to gifting a banned account and they told me they didn't know and that I shouldn't try as they wouldn't refund me if it didn't work.

  2. Default Re: Gifting a banned account?

    Why wouldn't it work? The character is still there, you just can't log into it.

  3. Default Re: Gifting a banned account?

    Might want to edit your post. @IHAFUF;

    As bleve said, go ahead and do it. You won't lose anything you gift.



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