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Thread: [In Progress] Summer Gachapon Update

  1. Default Summer Gachapon Update

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    Giant duck chair!

  3. Default Re: Summer Gachapon Update

    attack on titan chair uh ok I wonder how they got around to releasing that

  4. Default Re: Summer Gachapon Update

    Resets will cause CRA gear to fall even further than it has in price.

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    The tradeable Empress reset tickets still don't even work properly anyway.

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    Those reset tickets have a cooldown of 168 hours, its not anything close to the horntail ticket reset that used to be in cash shop, but most of you should know that from the previous event you had. Shame you have to pay for them tho, we get them for close to free in Kritias.

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    Default Re: Summer Gachapon Update

    I'm curious as to how many people will actually use/buy them, especially for von bon since tops are dirt cheap now :/

    Vellum is probably the only one worth using
    Last edited by icephoenix21; 2014-06-18 at 12:19 PM. Reason: thought it was cash shop, not gacha lol

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    Default Re: Summer Gachapon Update

    wow totally want that castle and ducky!

    also waiting for summer's cash shop boxes update, totally want permanent swimsuits

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    If they left the reset coupons untradeable like they were when they were in the Spring Bunny Coin Shop, they'll have zero effect on the market.
    Most of the main runners stocked up a bunch of coupons anyway. I still have 40+ for both Magnus and Vellum.



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