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  1. Default Advertising Changes

    In an ongoing attempt to reverse our ad revenue decline and keep us in the green the following changes have been implemented;

    • Completely given up on Project Wonderful. Those ads have been replaced by AdSense.
    • The third adsense ad at the bottom of pages has been removed
    • A new ad slot has been added to the left hand of each page, excepting the Portal/Home.
    • Our adsense categories have been restacked to try to keep the ads more relevant.

  2. Default Re: Advertising Changes

    The benevolent AdSense gods answered you? How many hail marys and bull sacrifices were required?

  3. Default Re: Advertising Changes

    So that's why I've had ads on the side of the screen.

  4. Donator Straight Male
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    Default Re: Advertising Changes

    well, that's... really annoying. but hey, gotta keep the site floating i guess.

  5. Default Re: Advertising Changes

    Would it be possible to move the left-hand ad to the right-hand side of the screen? It's pretty distracting that the site header and body are no longer left-aligned.

  6. Default Re: Advertising Changes

    But if it's not directly in your initial line of view, how else are you going to be forced to consciously look at it?

  7. Default Re: Advertising Changes

    God that new one on the left side is horrid, it'll take me some time to adapt to it but meanwhile it's straining my eyes(don't know why, maybe it's all that blue).

  8. Default Re: Advertising Changes

    Wouldn't you get in trouble for this since the login element is above the advertisement?

    I have a poll over here about what I think may be a nice solution to the sidebar ad.

  9. Default Re: Advertising Changes

    Not only that, the notifications drop down also covers the top ad.

    I agree with everyone that stated the left ad is annoying. I prefer left justification. A right add could be ignored though if the page was too wide since browsers left justify.

    Also, do you get money from us clicking on ads? Because I never really click on them, usually avoid ads like the plague, although I don't block them. Does clicking on them make a significant difference? Guess I'll just click and close a few then if it actually makes a difference.

  10. Default Re: Advertising Changes

    Clicking should make a significant different for sure, however he cannot actively tell people to click advertisements as its against the adsense rules.

  11. Default Re: Advertising Changes

    If you want to up a real vote, the other option is interstitials.

  12. Default Re: Advertising Changes

    I'm not sure which is worse. I think interstitials are horrible though.

  13. Default Re: Advertising Changes

    So do I, and they don't work well contextually.
    I point blank refuse to do popunders despite the lovely number of weasels offering them.

  14. Default Re: Advertising Changes

    Popunders are atrocious and are quite possibly one of the worst things on the net. What is requiring you to have your ads above the fold? Footer ads are a thing, sidebar too, above the fold doesn't make too much sense outside of maximizing views. Also as threads grow in length, the advertisement would be above the fold anyway, right?

  15. Default Re: Advertising Changes

    Advertisers wanting to maximize their views? What an inconceivable notion!

  16. Default Re: Advertising Changes

    Also, people tend to read English left to right so having an ad on the left side is just plain distracting for those trying to read.

  17. Default Re: Advertising Changes

    Now I need a magnifying glass to read some posts on mobile because of the left side ad.

  18. Default Re: Advertising Changes

    I keep trying to physically move my screen to the left thinking that I just misplaced it. I don't like how it looks, it's uncomfortable but I'll get used to it, hopefully.

  19. Default Re: Advertising Changes

    Going to point out there are girls in bikkini's in the first picture which could possible break the rules. May want to remove the picture if possible since the thread was locked anyways.

  20. Orbital Bee Cannon
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    Default Re: Advertising Changes

    Left ad screws up the window's automatic sizing. (I don't maximize it)




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