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  1. Default Hard Magnus drop

    Does hard magnus drop tyrants if you solo him?

  2. Default Re: Hard Magnus drop

    Apparently you need a certain amount of people alive when he dies to get tyrants. Don't remember how many though.

  3. Default Re: Hard Magnus drop

    15 minutes + 3 people in the map.
    Only the coins are instanced and the character must be alive in order to have them drop on their side.

  4. Default Re: Hard Magnus drop

    Do you know why sometimes magnus start randomly dropping a massive load of bombs in which when you respawn it just automatically kicks you out of the map?

  5. Default Re: Hard Magnus drop

    I think it's because everyone in the map is dead too long at the same time.

  6. Default Re: Hard Magnus drop

    Ah I see why, because we did it a couple of times where we'd stay dead and wait for our cooldowns for binds and such to reset.

  7. Default Re: Hard Magnus drop

    There's a few things that can cause it. If he gets stuck it will almost always trigger within the next minute or so, sometimes if the aggro switches it can cause it, and yeah sometimes if people stay dead too long it can cause it as well.



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