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    Default Mother 1 or Mother 3?

    So it's painfully obvious I recently got into the Mother/EarthBound series. Beat EarthBound last week and I want to play the other games... but I don't know which to play first and I don't know if order matters at all.

    I want to play Mother 1 since it's the prequel and (because I don't know any plot things) don't want any possible hints in 3 revealed that may have carried over from 1 (like, "obviously" Porky is the antagonist of 3 and he came from 2). I also don't really want to go into 3 first just to go into a lesser quality (visuals-wise) game right after.

    I may have answered my own question, but I want to know what others who may have played both games feel.

  2. Default Re: Mother 1 or Mother 3?

    hmm I think mother 1 since its the prequel. God I loved earthbound . So amazing with its quirkiness and downright silliness at times. A truly unique game.

  3. Default Re: Mother 1 or Mother 3?

    Mother 1 very loosely ties into earthbound's storyline, in the sense that literally only one character goes from 1 to 2. The gameplay is very mediocre, slow paced compared to 2, and the graphics tend to make you hurl (even for an NES game...). I dunno, I've played through 1 and I didn't particularly enjoy it, mostly because I played 2 first. I'd suggest simply playing 3.



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