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    So im a paladin and when her genesis hits me i block some of the damage and it doesn't effect me, such as the full hit genesis and the 90% one after you kill a v1 or the v2s intstructors, but just recently when i went on my empress run the 90% hp genesis hit me when i had full health and i died. Can somebody explain how this happens? it does 20k damage to me with the 90% hp genesis however i only take 20-25k damage from it. I also have 45k hp so that should still leave me with atleast 20k hp left. It happened to me when i was a dark knight too, I would have full hp and wait for 90% genesis so i can use my potions but i still die from it. Am i the only one getting this?

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    Not sure if this may apply to you or not, but sometimes when my hitbox lies within the hitbox of two dark genesis pillars (which embarassingly happens too often as a big transformed dragon) then I end up getting hit twice (i.e. guaranteed death) even though only one damage line appears.

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    To be clear for you, 100% is when it comes out a few at a time and 90% is when its a giant load all at once, usually the entire map. I don't even have to be a paladin to survive 90s, but 100% you either dodge or have some kind of buff like heaven's door on to be safe. Also be aware of invisible hitboxes on dark genesis especially after you kill v1 or v2, sometimes leftover 100% comes out. She can use 90% and 100% at any time, it has nothing to do with which instructor she summons. Personally, I never got hit by those random genesis but probably because I'm soloing with looters all sitting around, it probably only affects the party. Like above, also watch out for double genesis damage when walking in between them.

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    i'm talking about the full map 90% genesis that she uses after you kill v1s/v2s, i'm not talking about the 100% ones because i can easily dodge them and if i do get hit i tank the 100% ones i get only get killed by the 90% ones that appreantly do 100% damage to me even when i have full hp, are you two saying that she can use the 100% hp non full map gene at the same time as the 90% hp full map gene?
    I also know that her 100% hp dmg gene can strike twice at the same spot, and I assume you guys are talking about this glitch,
    I don't die right away like that, I die when i get hit by her 90% dmg full map gene exactly when she hits me, i do not die before the animation starts like he did I can actually jump and hit her before she even casts that, it's only when i get hit i die, and this usually happens in a lot of runs since she can use the gene 6 times (5 v1s+ 1 v2) per run

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    That happens to me at Gollux's shoulder too. When it does that super knockback attack right before it summons the monsters, and goes into sleep mode, the attack doesn't go through until it wakes up again. If you're standing in the same spot that it was going to hit you beforehand, the attack will hit you when it wakes up.

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    it happens to me long after it wakes ups
    i guess ill just try to provide a video on my next few runs and show it

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    @qtipp; its not genesis. I'm sure its a bug. It used to happen in some of my runs too. Empress hits you 100% dmg exactly like you're being damage reflected after she wakes up from v1/v2. What I do to avoid it is just don't get near her and don't hit her when she woke up from summon, wait like 5 sec before resume attacking. Never happen to me since. A friend muling got hit by it also recently so I know this has not been fixed yet.

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    It's how I saw it in the video. The spot where you died was where the dark genesis was right as Cygnus went to sleep.

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    that wasn't me and that doesn't happen to me

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    Ohhh yup I've had this happen to me before as well. It always happened after I killed Oz in V2 but I always left her for last while I let mules loot the other gear.

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    Although rarely, I'm fairly sure I saw that happen at least once or twice, where she used 2 at once and my entire screen was filled with a small 100% and a full map genesis. Probably has to do with her being out too long in the open without any binds and not summoning any v1 or v2s. I don't think its desyncing issue like Hard Magnus though, where his stupid attacks can come out wildly fast or come out incomplete and somehow pull out another attack right after. Desyncing usually has to do with someone lagging behind the others basically, what is happening on their screen isn't the same as yours. I only know of that happening frequently on Magnus because it lies in another server (not easy mode).

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    it does 90% hp damage? I usually take less on my pally. But from what i know, if you have no charges when you get hit by any % hp attack ull take full damage
    ALso if you dont have divine shield up, you are going to take more. Ill have to run empress soonish to check it out, but i do recall taking a lot less than 90% of my max hp from her genies

    Ill do a run either today or tomm, since its reseted, and ill seee how it goes.

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    I think this is the case because i remember on my run i was trying to get my friend an empress card and he's a drk, so as a drk he got final pacted and he had to get his 20 hits before she summons a v1 or he's screwed. He kept attacking and i saw that empress actually tried to summon her v1 instructor but it sorta glitched, like she went inside her little ball and then came back out, this happened two times in a row until she finally summoned a few mins later

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    That actaully happened a lot, where she fake summons and sometimes a DR comes out and a fellow lad may kill the party lol. It was like that for a long time now, not a desync issue.

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    to answer your original question, empress "wake up dark gene" is ~99.99% attack. anything less than full health, and i die when she does it. a normal attack/hit/damage, not any type of unseen glitch. damage reduction/guard/avoid dont seem to work; but im kaiser, not pally. if she is positioned close to any edge of the map, the opposite edge is usually safe.

    ALTERNATIVELY... paladins will guard/block "death-hits" when they have active charges. maybe your charges expired, or you used blast, and forgot to rebuff your charges.

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    Anyone of you guys use aran character card? Sometimes when I go Empress on my Xenon I still get 1hkoed with the whole map attack. My hp is around 35k and I see 32k numbers yet I still die, it doesnt make any sense at all, thats why I got a feeling that aran card healing isnt accounted vs this 90% dmg skill, thus making the card useless at Empress.

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    THIS is what im talking about this happened to me as a paladin i don't have an aran card though

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    Happened to me again today, I really dont know wtp is wrong with this boss. Could it be because I have one line of recovery increase on skill/potions? I cannot kill this boss without having wheels with me, which is stupid when I know I can do it without them if they just fix this issue...

    Not to mention that EMS Empress is harder than GMS, because shes not sleeping while her knights is summoned, shes still walking freely.

    Edit: NVM I found the issue @Reddish was right, I recorded the run and only when I touched 2 genesis attacks I would get this problem.



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