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  1. Question About Fly Patch BattleMage Attack Speed [Need Help]

    Batte Mage Attack Speed Slow[8]

    with Self Buff ,
    Advance Yellow Aura [+2] , Staff Booster [+1] ,

    Question 1
    Body Booster : Duration: 150 sec. Activated auras effects will have the multiplier 2 applied to following parts
    hmm ... it mean 3 auras will double the effect ? or random 2 auras will apply ? [or future all use big crunch only?]

    And i saw the orange mushroom forum , i saw a new skill :
    Big Crunch Aura (4th): Maximize the effects of all your current Auras for 150 seconds, increasing their boosts by 3x. This skill cannot be used if Super Body is active. There is a cooldown of 90 seconds. (required skill: level 20 Superbody) (max level: 10)

    Question 2

    Big Crunch Aura same as Body Booster ? [only Body Boost is 2x Big Crunch is 3x ?]

    BaM with Slow Speed Staff , with Self Buff + Big Crunch , Attack Speed Will cap ?

    BaM Staff Slow [8]
    [8] - AYA[2] - Staff booster[1] - 3x Big Crunch[6?] = Attack Speed 2 [cap Spd]

    pls help , im confusing about Element Staff [fast] and Dt cygnus Staff[slow]

  2. Default Re: About Fly Patch BattleMage Attack Speed [Need Help]

    It should just be:

    Slow (8) Staff - Staff Booster (1) - Big Crunch Aura (6), since Big Crunch Aura multiplies the existing effects of the Auras by 3, but you will hit the speed cap.



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