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    The smart phone is probably my least experienced technical device, besides printers. So maybe someone can explain this to me;

    I have a galaxy note 3 that is a Verizon carrier, my friend has an Iphone like 4s I think, I'm not sure who her carrier is unfortunately. She cannot receive my texts, and I cannot receive hers. When we try to call each others number it says our phone is not in service, yet I have no issues talking to anyone else.

    Neither of our numbers are blocked, we check on both methods on both phones, neither of us even have listed blocked numbers. Is there something silly I'm missing? She's going to be calling her carrier today, but I'm also concerned it maybe on my end? If it helps any we live in separate states but I really can't figure it out :S

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    No, although I'm not sure for her. I did ask about the iphone message thing, she says that she's not using imessenger to attempt to message me. I also think the phone calls are not affected regarding that law suit issue, just texting



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