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  1. Default Query: Microsoft Loopback Adapter

    -> cannot log onto MS, cannot view any maple websites, cannot download from any maple link

    I've been all over the net trying to figure out why "Disable MS Loopback Adapter" solved this problem.
    I know this is the solution, and that it works. But im not so simple to just stop there.
    If any one can explain, Why did this work?

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    This only solves problems if you've set up a loopback adapter for Nexon's ip.There is no reason why a normal player would need to do this.

  3. Default Re: Query: Microsoft Loopback Adapter

    That's what I was thinking. I smell nefariousness.

  4. Default Re: Query: Microsoft Loopback Adapter

    This happens to people who play private servers I think

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    my guildie is a normal-average player; does nothing suspicious, and his machine is only set to default settings.
    he's never played a private setting, and when he updated several dozen drivers (two weeks ago), nothing went wrong.
    his problem (cant log on MS, cant view any MS website, can't download any MS source links) only happened yesterday.
    disable loopback was the only solution, as he could not even load MS page to re-download.

  6. Default Re: Query: Microsoft Loopback Adapter

    I wasn't aware that the normal game used any such loopback adapter that would need to be disabled. As others have stated previously, this sounds like it would have to have something to do with a private server that makes use of one of these. I know you said that isn't the case, but I would maybe hint at him to perhaps dig around some of those communities to find the answer, as they're more likely to know.

    Here's a completely random "fix": a friend of mine had an issue with accessing Nexon's website a long time ago back when he played the game, and claimed he was able to fix it by taking something out of his Hosts file. Perhaps look in there? YMMV.



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