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    Default .hack//Frägment fan revival project

    Taken from r/dothack-thought some of you might like it :)

    Curious as to if this will actually go anywhere. Sounds interesting enough.

  2. Default Re: .hack//Frägment fan revival project

    I remember the community talking about trying to set this up after the shutdown in Japan. I'm surprised it actually came into fruition.

  3. Default Re: .hack//Frägment fan revival project

    I worked with Coldbird a little bit a long while back. Working with him is actually where I got my username from.

    My friend who was also working on this project with Coldbird told me about how he finished setting up Fragment. I am super excited and am wanting to play it so badly.

  4. Default Re: .hack//Frägment fan revival project

    I'll take a look at it in my spare time. Hopefully he didn't pack/obfuscate his files.

    Overall, it's a worthwhile project, but it might be very limited with what you can do with an emulator. Not quite sure at the moment though.

  5. Default Re: .hack//Frägment fan revival project

    This is pretty dang cool, I'd never heard of this. Definitely gonna keep tabs on this and try it out soon. I've always wanted to play fragment, a shame it never came out in america.



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