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  1. Lightbulb Is Maplestory broken?

    With all the accusations of Pay2win being flung around, I thought about it for a minute. Speaking soley for myself, I do not specifically care if I have the absolute most powerful pirate or what have you. But that begs the question, can Maplestory be "finished" (whatever that means to a player) without buying Nx? Has there ever been someone that reached level 200 (250) without purchasing any game affecting enhancements from the Cash shop? Where could this person even train?

    That question is important because when you go to a store and buy a game, the full price is mostly included up front. But with some MMO's and now Maplestory too, the price tag seems to be getting twisted into some kind of fiendish question mark. The only reason I was able to notice this is because Maple did not start out with that kind of mentality.

    On the other hand, maybe this is just one of those issues that get blown out of proportion?

  2. Trump minus th money
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    no it doesn't


  3. Default Re: Is Maplestory broken?

    Ah. One of these threads again.

  4. Default Re: Is Maplestory broken?

    Why is this topic still relevant? Has it not been discussed to death over the past few years?

  5. Default Re: Is Maplestory broken?

    These posts are relevant to how I feel about this thread. What's been said in the first post has been said a million times.

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    By the same person.

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  8. I post a lot Bi Male
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    It's been discussed to death RECENTLY.
    Stop making these threads, god.



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