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    I am giving free cube services. You can either provide all the materials for me or I'll provide all the materials.
    If I provide all the materials, I'll base the material prices from FM + a small fee.

    I can provide vouchers (these vouchers have my contact information), if needed.

    Materials needed for Master Craftmen's cube:
    20 Superior Item Crystals
    5 Cube Fragments
    5 Cubic Blade
    10 Superior Abrasive

    Materials needed for Meister's Cube:
    30 Superior Item Crystals
    10 Cube Fragments
    5 Cubic Chaos Blade
    15 Superior Abrasive

    I can craft both Master (Unique) and Meister (Legendary) cubes.
    Please note that there is a cooldown between crafting cubes.

    If you have any questions or is interested, find me in-game or whisper - DaiGako
    If you can't find me, you may add my mule - Rentabiiity
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    What would be the total cost (roughly) for all those ingredients?

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    I'm pretty sure I used to know you quite well.

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    Whoa sup Sufi, lol. Well from the FM prices - Cubic Blade (Orange) - 10-11m, Superior Crystals - 400-500k (8-10m for 20), Superior Abrasive -500k, Cube fragments ranging from 30-100k a piece.
    So in total - Roughly about 65m ish for the Master cube (If you buy all the materials)

    For Meister it would be roughly about... 80 or so mil.

    Yep, you had me on bl on both of my NL and Pirate. I hopped back to my NL haha

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    Wait, who are you?

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    Well, it does say... to find me "in-game/whisper DaiGako" for the cube services. Unless you aren't Sufian, then oh well lol

    Anywho. Just got to level 12 for smithing so both cubes are available

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    welp, there goes my reading comprehension



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