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    Yes I know this was posted in the patches thread but I believe it deserves its own thread to be discussed here.

    My personal opinion is that I'm glad Riot is looking at updating the rift, something that IMO was long overdue. This looks amazing to be honest but there are a few things that need to be changed before it gets released. For starters, it needs more color, its way too grey compared to the original rift which I believe is the biggest issue and main reason of complaint as of right now. Second I'd like to see a change to the river (if it actually is a river). Make it run from right to left in one full line and drop as a waterfall into that cool abyss they now show on the top left corner, instead 2 puddles on each side.

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    I must reiterate.

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    Looks a little too much like DOTA2 but otherwise it's gorgeous.

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    The only thing making it look like Dota is the color palete. Since pretty much everyone is complaining about it and this isn't even in the PBE, Its definitely gonna get changed.

    Oh btw, one thing that nobody mentions and seems like a posibility is that the track used in the video is a new version for SR. I gotta say I like it but If it was true I hope thats just how it starts and then picks up in a more epic pace past the 1:30 min.

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    Spain did a sort of "guided tour" of the new map. It starts around 14:00 minutes in and it really showcases everything in the new map.

    p cool tbh

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    The Korean one has two teams playing in it so we have some sort of feel.



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