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  1. Water
    IGN: Dragon4meII
    Server: Khaini
    Level: 211
    Job: Kaiser
    Guild: Contagious
    Alliance: PityDaFool

    Default Questions on Carlton's mustache

    Ok I got one of those Carlton mustache and was playing with it using "junk scrolls" and ended up with this:

    My questions are:
    1) Do I hammer the last 2 slots and finish it and then use Upgrade count reset?
    Or will Upgrade count reset only apply to the initial 3 slots?
    2) It reads that it only effects Upgrade count, so I hope I am correct in thinking it only effect the slots and not the stats. Has anyone used one yet that can confirm that?

  2. Default Re: Questions on Carlton's mustache

    I can't answer your 1st question but as for your 2nd the answer is yes I personally tried it and my unhammered +3 mustache had 3 slots with all its bonuses intact after i used upgrade count reset on it



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