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    so yeah i researched a lot on this and i'm super duper confused since some explanations are way too complicated and some are way too vague.

    Ok, so from what i understand you need to have a good balance of weapon attack and stat and too much of either are not good.

    2. say i calculated that 1 weapon attack = 2 dex (approx) on my char. This means i have too much weapon attack am i right? (since adding more att is not worth it compared to dex)

    3. Therefore it is better to scroll my stuff with dex rather than attack (10 all stats rather than icogs) ?

    4. So if i get all of the above correct, by adding more stats it will make my ratio increase (1 weapon attack will give more than 2 dex and so on)

    5. Is there point where the ratio will be perfectly balanced??? (1 ATT = ? )

    I apologise if this has already been asked way too many times but i just wanted to make sure for my scenario that it is worth rescrolling/scrolling my remaining items. From what i heard, 10allstat scrolls are almost always better than getting 2-3 attacks from chaos of goodnesses and i just need people to confirm so i can go ahead and scroll my stuff.


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    Default Re: Attack:stats question

    2. it depends, it just tells you how to compare stats e.g if offered 3 dex and 1 attackm 3 dex is better in that sense. but comparing like 2 attack to 3 dex, 2 attack is better, despite the more even ratio. its all dependent on what you are scrolling.
    3. no, see above. just calculate what you are scrolling and convert. though in most situations, you should be scrolling for attack in the first place, regardless.
    4. yes
    5. perfect is subjective, the only goal is to get the highest amount of damage possible with the limitation of scrolling limits and the limits of the game

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    Default Re: Attack:stats question

    2: no, it tells you that if you have the option of gaining over 2 dex is better than 1 point of attack, alternatively, it tells you that it's better to scroll with 1 attack than it is with a scroll that is less than 2 dex.

    3: you'd need to get 5 attack from the ICoG to be equal to a 10 dex, or 4 attack 2 dex, or 3 attack 4 dex, and so on. how feasible it is for you to get such results from the ICOG? i'd say not very feasible so i'd scroll with the +10 myself.

    4: yup, that's exactly how it is.

    5: yep, the "perfect ratio" is 1:1 before potential. but it's far, far, far easier to get stats than attack from scrolling, which is from where this whole uneven ratio thing came from

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    As your range increase, I believe the ratio becomes greater, I think at a certain point, attack is much better than str.

    I calculated mine a long time ago but I'm not entire sure if I mixed something up...

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    Stat ratios are based on the damage formula which is: WeaponMultiplier * Attack * (4 * MainStat + Substat)/100. It's not exact because SubStat is excluded, but it's a good estimate. I'll explain how it works.

    Because WeaponMultiplier and 100 are constants, you can focus on Attack, MainStat and Substat.

    (4 * MainStat + Substat) is clearly increased most by adding to MainStat and Substat is quite small compared 4 * Mainstat, so we ignore SubStat to determine our ratio. This simplifies our formula to: Attack * 4 * Mainstat * Constants

    Once again, we pull out constants (4 in this case) so we are left with the simplified damage formiula: Constants * Attack * Mainstat. This is where stat ratios come from. %attack and %stat are treated as constant coefficients to their respective terms, so they can be pulled out as well.

    In order to maximize range, we want to maximize both Attack and Mainstat. As said before the optimal ratio of attack to %stat is 1:1 (look up Mathematical Optimization if you don't understand why). However, we are limited by the scrolls and slots the game gives us. When you are unsure of which scrolls you should use on a piece of armor, you can use your stat ratio as a rough estimate.

    For example, say you have 700 attack and 2100 stat before potentials. This means your ratio is 1:3. In other words, one attack is roughly the same damage increase as 3 stat. If you have the choice between a scroll that adds 10 stat and chaos, you'd need to add 3.33 attack on average per chaos to get the same benefit as scrolling with 10 all stat scrolls.

    Remember, stat ratios are an approximation technique. Results can vary because of secondary stats, inner potential, character cards, throwing stars, etc. If you want exact answers, you'd need to make a spreadsheet factoring everything in.

    To answer your questions, you pretty much have points 2, 3, and 4 correct.

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    tyyyy for all the repliess :)

    i'll be scrolling 10 all stats then since it's really hard to constantly get above 4 attack from icogs i guess..



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