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  1. Default How would I best utilize my equipment?

    Hi. I'm a F2Pleb, so I don't spend money on this game except for the odd shop permit, which means my options are limited or take a lot of time to accomplish.

    I have some gear that I'm not sure if it would be best to equip or sell for something else, since I made them some time ago and things have invariably changed since then. I'm a paladin with around a 100k range with buffs up.

    I also have a set of RA pants and top that I could put on to replace my lionheart overall, but then I lose the 4 piece effect unless I put some of those pieces on. All of my gear is mostly in the 3-6% stat range.

    So, sell or use?

  2. Peanuts
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    Default Re: How would I best utilize my equipment?

    I would sell off your 41atk heart (should be around 1.5b-2b depending on your server) and use that money to get yourself a 3 piece CRA (which will add 50 atk) and still have some leftover money. The CRA will be a much better investment in the long run than your 41atk heart. Then you should farm a STAR heart/android and self scroll a ~25atk heart by using 60% scrolls from the 9th anniversary shop/boxes (If you kill enough of those admins or farm enough of those boxes in Evo you can get 60% scrolls pretty easily). If you farm up enough of these 60% scrolls (from boxes or buying them in the shop) you can just toss all the +5/6 all stat armor scrolls to your CRA set, and if you're lucky you'll get around +30 STR on each piece.

    Sell off the Lionheart Shoulders as well, I think your current shoulders are good enough for the time being. With the money leftover from your heart sales as well as your shoulders, you should be able to get yourself a nice weapon or a secondary. Again, I'm not sure what world you're in, but in Bera you can nab a nice 7% Sweetwater Tattoos/Glasses for around 200-300mil a pop, so you should aim for those as they will be a quick range boost. Overall, try to aim for 3 piece CRA set and 4 piece Lionheart (cape, bracer, weapon, shoes) so you'll have 75atk just from set effects.

    If you're in Bera and would like some in game help let me know!

  3. Default Re: How would I best utilize my equipment?

    Thanks for the advice! I think I'll go with that strategy. I'm on the bellonova server group unfortunately, but thanks for the help offer, it really means a lot to me!

  4. Default Re: How would I best utilize my equipment?

    Here on Bellonova, I paid a grand total of 400m for my complete RA (warrior) set and that was when there wasn't a Marvel Machine event dropping them left and right. You can probably afford the hat and weapon just by selling leaves. No real reason to sell off your heart.



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