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  1. Default Weird stuff in FM....

    So I went to sleep with my permit open on the left side of the map.
    When I woke up my permit moved itself all the way to the right:

    It also seems like no1 can take my original spot on the left.
    Not sure if this is a glitch or someone was hacking
    Also explains this:

  2. Default Re: Weird stuff in FM....

    Hacking. I have seen it before, but it is usually the hackers own store that ends up at that spot.

  3. Default Re: Weird stuff in FM....

    Yea idk whats going on.
    Seems like a lot of shops in fm have been moved by someone somehow.

  4. Default Re: Weird stuff in FM....

    New(?) Angelic Buster hack, they shoot balls straight forward and KB everyone in front of them. Some idiot was doing in the evo waiting room. Also when they do it in the FM, you can't take the 'open' spot the AFKer shop was set up in.

  5. Default Re: Weird stuff in FM....

    I mentioned in the minor patch thread. They are using the cannonballs from flag race (the one you sit and fire) to shoot people around. This leads to moving all the permit shop people all over the place and eventually bunching into 1 corner and causing people to be unable to click your shop.



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