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  1. Default [JapanMS] Ayame Dungeon & Boss Raid

    This is mainly just a cut/edited version of my live stream from earlier. I just shortened it from 2 hours and 36 minutes to 38 minutes.

    Ayame is a lot of fun. I hope they make her into a real class. I don't assume they won't, considering the effort they've already put into it.

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    Default Re: [JapanMS] Ayame Dungeon & Boss Raid

    Dayum, she attacks so much faster than I was expecting.

    I think she looks pretty unique honestly. She may use a 'gun' and she may have combination melee/ranged attacks, but her attacks are different enough to be interesting and they all seem to flow well together.

    I hope they make her into a real class, seems stupid not to at this point.

  3. Default Re: [JapanMS] Ayame Dungeon & Boss Raid

    How does it handle? Like are you using 4 attacks consecutively the majority of the video, or 1/2? I suppose I could just try myself, but I'd need to update first and I'm just too lazy... >_>

    Also, you should turn up the sound on your streams.

  4. Default Re: [JapanMS] Ayame Dungeon & Boss Raid

    I'm not sure what you mean. o.o Her main attack is like Hayato's Sanrenzan and Kanna's Shisen Gyouha - 4 taps of the key = full combination. The rest are like typical skills, with the exception of the big flashy one where the faster you spam the skill key, the faster you'll fire.

    But if I turn up the MapleStory sounds/music, it'll blast my ears off! D:

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    Default Re: [JapanMS] Ayame Dungeon & Boss Raid

    Nohime has some really short DR animation

  6. Default Re: [JapanMS] Ayame Dungeon & Boss Raid

    That's what I meant, although I worded it badly.

    Most streaming software has an option somewhere to increase the volume of the stream itself, without increasing the volume from your speakers/headphones. What software are you using?

  7. Default Re: [JapanMS] Ayame Dungeon & Boss Raid

    Ayame definately deserves a class in the game... why Nexon, why? or maybe this is the preview of the official launch?

    She is FUN as hell and well guys, is pretty interesting her attacks, maybe she could be the Pirate Sengoku Class.

  8. Default Re: [JapanMS] Ayame Dungeon & Boss Raid

    Urghhhhhhhh why does her main attack have to knockback on the 4th hit. It's kanna all over again, so annoying!!



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