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  1. Default MapleStory News Aggregation Site

    Let me know what you guys think about this site.

    I have it on a temporary domain right now, so that will change.
    Can you think of any features that might be cool to add to it? Things you might want to see? Should I just scrap the idea?
    (Also if you want to, you can submit feedback on the actual site itself.)

    The site might not render correctly on mobile. If you visit, please note that certain features (tabs) might look funny but are still functional. If I continue working on the site, I plan on making a more mobile friendly version.

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    Default Re: MapleStory News Aggregation Site

    Okay, I'll ask the obvious question:
    What is this site for?

    It looks like just links to recent posts on the usual Maple websites. Doesn't seem very useful imo.

  3. Default Re: MapleStory News Aggregation Site

    I agree with the above.

    Probably needs refinement for it to be of any use.

    - Possibly limit or put filters to allow you to look for recent technical issues may be something more useful.
    - Possibly accompany the patch extractions and notices with the official MS patch notes.

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    Default Re: MapleStory News Aggregation Site

    It's almost like this could be part of some larger conglomerate.
    some sort of, if you will.

  5. Default Re: MapleStory News Aggregation Site

    The site would function as a location where all ms news/discussions would be aggregated into just 1 page. This however would only function for websites that export a RSS feed.

    I have been using one particular website for over 4 years as my go to source for news. This website accomplishes the same function as I would like to accomplish, however I would like to solely focus on nothing more than MapleStory.

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    Default Re: MapleStory News Aggregation Site

    Needs some color.

  7. Default Re: MapleStory News Aggregation Site

    Seems good idea for people that are still interested in Maple. I really cannot say much since I do not play, but you could consider adding search function or even tags so that you can have "idiot Nexon" and the like for tags to quickly search for the history of stupid things they have done.
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  8. Default Re: MapleStory News Aggregation Site

    Im focusing on functionality at the moment. I'll throw some paint on the site at a later date.

    I'll look into methods on how to save RSS results to DB so that this can be possible. Thanks for the idea, I really like this one!

  9. Neon Atom Gay Male
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    Default Re: MapleStory News Aggregation Site

    I love the simplicity of it, the navigation is amazing! Ahh great job.
    I was going to comment about the color but you already said you're working on it and please don't add some annoying
    background. I've booked marked it!! Again amazing job

  10. Default Re: MapleStory News Aggregation Site

    It works well enough but I'm also not sure I see the point.

  11. Default Re: MapleStory News Aggregation Site

    Ok. I managed to create a php script that scrapes rss feeds and offloads them to mysql.

    Eventually I want to make an ajax search box and all in all just make the site prettierx1000% but for right now itll look about as ugly as can be. The page has some borked css so loads of things just don't look right for now. I'll work on it tomorrow.



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