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  1. Default Some 3D maple stuff

    Hope this is the right part of the subforum to post this! I finished this recently:

    Sleepywood looking thing place whatever

    I'm not completely satisfied with the outcome here, and never will be, but it's good enough for now. I tried to represent all of the original classes in some way. You're free to use it as a desktop or something if for some reason you want to.

    See if you can spot and name all the items on/around the table!

  2. Cash3 Re: Some 3D maple stuff

    Nicely done. If only MapleStory 2 was more like this and less like minecraft.

    I love the bong on the table

  3. Default Re: Some 3D maple stuff

    Well it's actually a power elixir, but I'm a dippomegranate and forgot to turn it so you can see the handle on it, haha. We'll roll with a bong from now on though.

  4. Default Re: Some 3D maple stuff

    You should consider uploading this image to either imgur or minus (for larger files), dropbox loads amazingly slow. (I'm sitting at 2 minutes since I started loading the image and its only about halfway loaded)

  5. Default Re: Some 3D maple stuff

    Huh, I've never had that problem, so I didn't think about that. Hope this is better:

  6. Default Re: Some 3D maple stuff

    That loaded immediately. The image never gave you trouble because you probably have it cached.



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