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  1. Default How do I reset my PIC?

    This may seem obvious enough, but the website has been extremely buggy for me. The "Reset my Pic" button on the PIC information page does absolutely nothing, the "My Characters" link leads me to an endless loop asking me to login where the page just refreshes itself over and over again, despite the fact that I'm already logged in. The little area that's supposed to have a picture of my character never actually loads, it just sits there with a loading wheel forever.

    Tried this on multiple accounts across multiple devices (desktop and cellphone, to ensure that it wasn't my internet connection) and multiple browsers (IE, Chrome, Waterfox).

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    Default Re: How do I reset my PIC?

    Resetting PIC is now done in-game on the character selection screen, but you need your old PIC for that.

    If there's another way, I have no idea about that, sorry :[

  3. Default Re: How do I reset my PIC?

    I have all of the account's info except for the old PIC. They used to offer PIC reset through email. That's what I'm looking for.



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