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  1. Default Maplestory should have a "Pro" server

    Requirements to enter are to have at least 1 character at level 150.

    It takes 2x the total EXP to level up.
    Mobs have 4x the HP and damage
    Mobs give 4x the EXP when killed
    Various cubes drop from all monsters at about the same rate as scrolls pre Big bang.

    All jobs must pass through Maple island before reaching the normal Maple world.
    Storage is not accessible until clearing Maple island.
    In order to leave the island, all characters must defeat a weakened octopus boss (reskin from Commerci) on the boat ride.

    If a player fails to defeat the boat boss within 3 deaths, then that character dies permanently.

  2. Default Re: Maplestory should have a "Pro" server

    Or just give us that supreme world thing

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    Default Re: Maplestory should have a "Pro" server

    Seens to be better, maybe just drop cubes and the island thing could go.

    @Pikamemnon I didn't undurstand the ''character dies permanently

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    Default Re: Maplestory should have a "Pro" server

    It's exactly what it sounds like: That's it. Your character is forever gone. Do not pass go, do not collect $200. Can never play again.

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    Default Re: Maplestory should have a "Pro" server

    some games have hardcore modes as if your character dies in game, you dont respawn, the character is permanently deleted

  6. Default Re: Maplestory should have a "Pro" server

    What would be the level req for this? Because I'd hate to lose a character I spent hundreds on.

  7. Mercury Male
    IGN: Ivangoldes
    Server: Now Bera
    Level: 243
    Job: Marksman
    Guild: Olimpo
    Alliance: Aliança
    Farm: Ivangold

    Default Re: Maplestory should have a "Pro" server

    Your character lv150 get deleted or in the supreme word? But still not really good.

  8. Default Re: Maplestory should have a "Pro" server

    What's the point of having 4x EXP and 2x requirements? Mind as well just make the monsters give 2x EXP.

    It makes the EXP Reqs sound far worse than they do.

    And the 4x HP/Damage thing along with the level requirement is basically Supreme.
    So...never? Scroll drops pre-BB were so rare it wasn't funny at all. This just promotes botting, honestly.

    I don't disagree that cubes should drop in some way, but having them that rare is just a bad joke.

    I played MS from GMS Beta until a year or so ago, and while I had a rather large (3-4 year) hiatus in the middle, the simple truth is that even though I got multiple classes to ~100, I never got more than 10-20 scrolls in my entire career of Pre-BB MS. And considering you need hundreds upon hundreds of Cubes to get anything useful, it's a waste of time. Above that, I'd say 75-90% of those scrolls were worthless, which equals regular old purple cubes in cube tiering.

    I assume the "No Storage" thing is so that you don't delete anything you might want when you fail to kill the boss? But what's the point of the boss, really? Especially directly after Maple Island, when no one has any abilities at all. It doesn't make any sense, honestly.

    The "3 Deaths or char is deleted" thing doesn't make much sense either. Either the boss needs to be super easy, or no one will play, because you don't have anything to fight the boss. You have no gear, no items, no skills, nothing at all. It makes no sense. Especially when mobs do 4x damage. Have you played Supreme? Having to redo the first ten levels because the boss got remotely close to you three times is just not fun.

    I don't mean to sound like an ass, but this whole thing sounds like a more restrictive (for no reason at all) Supreme server.

    Also: To everyone responding about the deletion thing quoting Hardcore characters in Diablo and such games, that is not what is defined here. The character deletion specifically applies to the boss to leave Maple Island only, which makes it a pointless concept.

    Above that, in ARPGs you don't get ohko'd unless you're playing the wrong Difficulty, and there's no Difficulty select here. MS already has too many character classes that (especially later on) can get 1-2 hit KO'd. Having the monsters do 4x damage means you will instantly die from any attack unless you are REALLY lucky because Maple's balancing doesn't exist.

  9. Default Re: Maplestory should have a "Pro" server

    Ooo, a lot of thoughtful responses.

    In this case the early boss is something more of an anti bot/ hacker trap. Not to say that it would be very hard but hard enough to make you work for it. I imagine that this fight be more about avoiding damage then dealing a whole lot. (assuming that a few parts of the boss field can be changed slightly)
    It would be nice to also have like a map just before the boss that keeps a record of all the characters that tried and failed but given the buggy nature of the Cygnus knights hall in Ereve, I guess that part would need to stay out.
    The perma death condition only applies to the one boss and with plenty of clearly marked warning signs and npc chatter.

    Maybe 2x EXP, 2x Damage, 4xHP. I am not really sure about the current curve at the lowest levels. For the anti bot boss to be effective it would need to at least take a couple of hours to reach level 10. (LOL, it sounds like I am describing Maple before Big bang)
    Monsters will be more dangerous right from the start but also more worthwhile to defeat. It would take some time for a proper marketplace to form of course but eventually the (tradable) cubes eventually become less rare. The late game mobs will (in theory anyway) be matched by everyone having nearly perfect gears.

    The storage restriction is to prevent anyone from steamrolling the boss.

  10. Default Re: Maplestory should have a "Pro" server

    Seems like an idea that we'd all be for until we actually played it.

  11. Default Re: Maplestory should have a "Pro" server

    Someone's comment got me thinking about the cube system, on this server they could be made EASY to craft and in bundles! (completed cubes would still drop and the cash shop versions would also still be available as a shortcut) Some balancing will probably be needed to not make them too easy to get.

    Good potentials would almost be necessary for survival during late game.

  12. Default Re: Maplestory should have a "Pro" server

    I don't really understand the point of having Level 10 so hard to get. Everyone who will be able to join this server is already Level 150 on at least one character, and everyone knows that Level 1 - 10 is the most boring part of the game, because you only have Basic Attack and those useless Beginner skills. Even Nexon has realized this, the majority of new classes don't even have to deal with Level 1 - 9 anymore, and go straight to 10.

    I can understand having a challenging boss to reach a job advancement, maybe 3rd or 4th, but at that point having your character perma-die will cause far too much frustration and would cause people to quit.

    I can also understand wanting people to have to work to level, but the game would have to be redesigned to fix that issue, making monsters do more damage/give less exp/give more exp/increasing exp requirements will not fix it. It's a fundamental design flaw that has existed since the game was made.

    That's a decent solution to the cube problem, for sure. Provided the materials to craft aren't as rare as pre-bb Scrolls =P

  13. Default Re: Maplestory should have a "Pro" server

    LOL, do not look at me! That is just how it was in old school Maple and for some strange reason it worked. To be fair, the beginner skills only became useless because they were never updated with the rest of the game. (I believe that 3 snails actually got nerfed at some point) Anyone who has played long enough to meet the requirements for entry probably would not have too much trouble at the boss that is, after learning its attack patterns. So long as the player still has the 150 character on another server they would still be able to try again.

    Instead of changing EXP rates, I think the better answer is to adjust the curve sort of like this:

    Early game: Much harder than now
    Mid game: Marginally harder
    Late game: Only slightly harder than mid game but still easier than the current upper level progression.

    It takes a while to level up but there would be less of a spike at the end. (more like a gradual hill)

  14. Default Re: Maplestory should have a "Pro" server

    I'm failling to see how the boss is going to be a anti hacker/bot trap.

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    Default Re: Maplestory should have a "Pro" server

    It probably won't.
    But if a character takes several hours from creation to FM, bots won't be replaced within seconds of being banned.

    However, this seems somewhat pointless in view of the requirement for a level 150 char. Once a bot is banned the entire account is unusable, so that specific lv. 150 char can't spawn any more bots even if it only takes a minute. And even hacker/botters have a limited supply of accounts with level 150 chars.

  16. Default Re: Maplestory should have a "Pro" server

    That is a good point, although even today a few regions of Maple are still overrun with hackers and/ or botters.

    I would not say that the boss is fool proof but with the power limitations of the level range, etc, it will be pretty easy to detect if something fishy is going on and to have a GM instantly descend upon them to deliver righteous justice. (the one exception being if the character is way over leveled, which would explain unusually high damage)

    I am not so sure that hacking can be completely prevented. Depending on how the server would do then if they are needed, there might be a chance to dream up some extra countermeasures.

  17. Default Re: Maplestory should have a "Pro" server

    The bold part is the issue :(

  18. Default Re: Maplestory should have a "Pro" server

    Sounds straight out of log horizon.

  19. Default Re: Maplestory should have a "Pro" server

    Its true! For this server and for this one specific boss map, there would be at least 1 GM on call 24/7.

    The area goes like this:
    Pre boss map where you can see whose character has died here previously. (names only to minimize lag) Think cave of Pianus.
    Octopus boat boss itself is instanced.
    If something very abnormal happens, a GM appears in the boss map to investigate.
    If there is nothing out of the ordinary then the GM will exit, if not then first a warning will be given. After a warning, if the strange thing is still going on, the player will be assumed to be a bot or someone ignoring the rule.

    1st (confirmed) violation: The rulebreaking character is put into the hall of shame map and does not even get added to the list of characters defeated by the boss. All exp, items and mesos are stripped from them and they are unable to leave until 48 hours have passed. Afterwards they could restart at level 1.
    2nd violation: GM would have to follow normal banning procedures and the account with the level 150 character would be blocked from the pro server.

    (I doubt that anyone would be willing to get themselves deleted after making it this far in the game but I could be wrong)



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