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  1. Default Cygnus Knight Mount Quest Issue

    Well, on my wind archer, I decided to complete the mount quests to pass some time.
    All was well until the 3rd stage quest.
    Paid 50 mil for that incubator thing, then the guy tells me to go to Shinsoo.
    Only problem is, I can't get to Shinsoo at all.
    That 120 quest for cygnus knights (which changes the main Ereve room for the character) removed Shinsoo, so I can't complete the quest to get the final mount.
    I've already submitted a ticket in to Nexon, but is there another way to get to Shinsoo, or will I have to wait for Nexon to do something?

  2. Default Re: Cygnus Knight Mount Quest Issue

    Have a non-KoC (in your guild for guild tele) go to Ereve (specifically the map with Shinsoo) and then teleport to them. I know it works with Hyper Teleport Rocks but I'm not sure what else.



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