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  1. Default Learning the Piano (teaching an old dog new tricks)

    So I'm nearing my 30's, I love symphonic metal and progressive metal, yet all I can play is the clarinet (horribly may I add, think Squidward). So since I love the sounds of the keys. I'm gonna learn. Any keyboardists or pianists here with how I should learn? Currently I can play 2 scales (C major and A minor), and I play most major and minor triads. Where should I go next? :o

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    Default Re: Learning the Piano (teaching an old dog new tricks)

    Suzuki Method for piano
    buy the books
    learn it
    live it
    love it

  3. Default Re: Learning the Piano (teaching an old dog new tricks)

    I bought this intro to piano book a few months ago, mostly because it was really cheap and I could get next day delivery for free, but I've found it really helpful. It goes at a pretty nice pace and isn't too difficult to follow either. Reading music has always been the hardest thing for me, I can play guitar but only with tabs or just by ear, and this book has helped quite a lot with that too.

    I think there are 3 of these books in total, all have pretty good reviews on Amazon too.

    Also, dunno if you've seen/heard of vkgoeswild on YouTube, but she has some really good rock/metal covers on piano which might act as some inspiration. :D

  4. Default Re: Learning the Piano (teaching an old dog new tricks)

    memorizing the keys and reading music really helps the basics. your clarinet skills will help with just "sounds right, sounds wrong" chords and such.

    Do you perfer to play-by-ear? or go the hard route and learn to read music? beacause ive taught piano to several people, they easily get frustrated without motivation; after teaching the notes, i taught 'a song' often fur elise, its easily recognizeable and basic while also having complicated combinations. so its challenging and rewarding, and leads into More reward-based learning.

    when i tried to teach "by the book" older students quickly lost interest, because they saw little progress. Pick a piano song that you think you can handle, or that just sounds amazing; look for sheet music, as well as youtube tutorial; and, whichever KEY it's in... learn those keys/notes, as part of "The Basics". so you will directly benefit from learning key/note/chords, instead of just trying to memorize all 13 scales & etc.



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