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  1. Default Secret Event Shop

    I haven't seen anyone bring this up yet, so I figured I would.
    Someone on my buddy list was talking about this so I tried it just to see what all the fuss was about. Apparently if you go into a Monsteropoloy game, log out, then log back in, you end up here:


    If you move to the left, there's a Spinner Ticket NPC along with the Nut Coin Shop, which I'm assuming we aren't meant to have access to yet.
    The equipment tab is all the 9th Anniversary Black equipment, weapons, and secondary weapons. The Special is this stuff:


  2. Default Re: Secret Event Shop

    Yet another filler patch next?

    I want that Orchiroid though.

  3. Default Re: Secret Event Shop

  4. Default Re: Secret Event Shop

    I hate pre-updates.

  5. Default Re: Secret Event Shop

    Very early... preparation for the winter update..?

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    Default Re: Secret Event Shop

    @icedemon9; i can see you'd like that second skin...

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    I've been there several times. You also get sent there if someone leaves the Monsteropoly map so there aren't enough participants for your match.

  8. Default Re: Secret Event Shop

    Snowflake damage skin & android pls

    Is this for the You & I pre-update?

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    Most of KMS's version of the chestnut shop was added into our anniv shop, it seems.

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    Default Re: Secret Event Shop

    cool may check out shop myself thanks those dmg skins though

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    Default Re: Secret Event Shop

    Yes....yes I would. Another reason for me to get on maple more. ;-;



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