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    Has anyone also been completely unable to stay logged in for more than two minutes, being disconnected after that with the BlackCipher 0x0000000(0) Hacking Detected error message, that states that something?
    Doesn't matter how I start up the game (both website and launcher give me the same message), the problem's still there. Reinstalling doesn't work either (tried to reinstall through the Setup file, and by copying a folder from my other computer, still didn't work), nor does restoring the system and patching it over, or replacing both BlackCipher or Hackshield folders. I've tried closing all the additional programs, but the same error has occurred.

    I've seen some posts about this on Basil and the Official forums; it's been there since yesterday's evening and started all of sudden. Did anyone come across a solution yet? D:

    Images of problem

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    Apparently me jumping around like an idiot in henesys constitutes hacking.

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    Anyway, I've had a problem with Maple not being able to maintain stability with an open Skype call on my laptop. Gave me the exact same error message I believe. (this was 2 weeks ago though)

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    Restarting the computer seems to help for these issues on my laptop. I suggested this to someone else too and he stopped dcing like every 3mins. Dunno how or why it does this though, only affects laptops (I think?).



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