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  1. Default quick I/L question.

    is it better to max elquines or arcane aim first if i dont plan on leveling so fast ??? Also would it be a good idea to skip MW first to max out blizzard for the FA effect ?? im mostly going to be doing RA and Hilla on a daily basis.

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    Default Re: quick I/L question.

    I'd think AA is better unless you like mastery that much, or you're afraid of DR.

    If you party with people that have MW during RA, you can max bliz first, but I think MW is a bigger dmg boost.

  3. Default quick I/L question.

    I think FA is far more damage than 12% all stats. (Because you might as well get a few sp in there to at least have it to use)

  4. Default Re: quick I/L question.

    So i guess that settles it then... AA > Elquines > Blizzard > the rest. thanks !



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