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Thread: What is normal?

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    Default What is normal?

    So if this is accepted:

    this should be as well, right?
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    Maybe because we're talking about a fictional character here, it may come off as 'weird' to some people.

    P.S.: Geez that money grubbing copyright infringement. (first video is removed)

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    normal doesn't exist as anything other than a theoretical average
    this being said, Michael Jackson was anything and everything but.

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    Anything "normal" is abnormal, but all things abnormal are normal. I don't think it really is possible to determine if something is really "normal" . It is all in the eye of the beholder.

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    To be honest, even though I like vocaloid and all, the second video is still somewhat weird to me...
    Whatever you enjoy, I guess.

    Either way, normal's generally seen as 'what most people like or don't mind', but that raises the question of why some stuff seems to be almost universally disliked even when there is no apparent reason for it.

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    Welcome to the world of undying nostalgia.



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