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Thread: Crying Girl

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    Default Crying Girl

    Screw it, i'm never being nice to anyone ever.

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    Default Re: Crying Girl

    What I always wonder about these videos is, how does no one think to just punch her?

  3. Default Re: Crying Girl

    Those are the outtakes

  4. Default Re: Crying Girl

    I recall that there was another topic in Shenanigans that posted a similar prank except in the lift and one of the victims did go fight instead of flight I think.

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    Default Re: Crying Girl

    yea, it was one hell of a punch, the guy was with a girl iirc.

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    Default Re: Crying Girl

    >noobs first time playing L4D2

  7. Default Re: Crying Girl

    All I can think of when I saw this for the first time is, what's with brazilians that they make so many of these(skeleton on bike, girl in elevetor, chucky in bus stop ad and who knows which others I haven't seen)?

  8. Default Re: Crying Girl

    Chucky on bus stop was indeed pretty brilliant. Dunno if it's something specific of Brazil though, I'm as clueless on that front as you.



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