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  1. Question Weekly dojo resets?

    So on other MS forums there is speculation that dojo ranks not resetting daily is not a glitch. Instead it is a change where dojo now resets ranks on a weekly basis. Does anyone know if this is true? Is this something other versions of MS do?
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  2. Default Re: Weekly dojo resets?

    why don't they just separate glove hand outs from the rankings, and instead make the gloves be based on just being able to complete the different difficulties
    this current bug/New system means I can't even get the most basic gloves

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    Might as well just make gloves perm if they do that, which would be great.

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    What exactly is bugged. They just fixed MP healing with set effects and made it a whole lot easier.

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    rankings are apparently reset weekly rather than daily according to op

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    Noone has confirmed yet if this is an intended change or if it's just a glitch.
    Just keep reporting it and hopefully they'll fix it

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    Its always been like this in EMS, unless you are saying that you can only get dojo gloves on a specific day.

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    I think it works like this in KMS too? Not sure though, haven't played there in a while

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    If it's weekly now I won't be able to get gloves anymore.

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    No, I'm pretty sure in kms the gloves expire daily... They don't have the gloves for 1 week, gms was the first server to do that.
    So they brought in some new system which sucks. If it's a glitch it's fixable if it's a new system good way to make op classes get gloves and
    the noobs like me who get times of 20mins not get gloves because the whole board is filled with phantoms, dual blades and night lords.

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    There's a few threads on the official forums now... hopefully one of them catches someone's attention.

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    dojo board resets once / week though in msea, but counts for gloves are daily

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    Default Re: Weekly dojo resets?

    That's how it works in GMS now.
    It's impossible to get in the top 50 without a score lower than 6:30

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    Even so if they have weekly resets and gloves are handed out every day it's essentially the same thing anyway.. you'd just have to take the quest daily instead of just once per reset. I'm guessing it's an intended thing since other versions have the weekly reset system but I doubt they'll keep it as it is for very long.

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    I recall it was like this sometime before Unleashed came to GMS...

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    Seens that maple will always go the path of Pay2win, now dojo is surely like that .

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    Not even. No matter how much funding I put on my marksman, I'll never come close to a phantom's time. If I want rank 1 gloves, I'd have to become a bowmaster to stand a chance.



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