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    So i did the 2 out of 3 quests of the rose garden and when i had to fight the rose garden golem (3rd quest), the quest dialog clearly said that i need to hunt tiny golem monsters and then the boss will apper, but I've hunted like 30 minuts on the map and all i get is "Special Monster" and nothing happend...
    Anyone know how to make the golem to apper?

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    I might be extra lucky but I counted how many monsters I killed (I read the thread before I started the quest) and only got up to 5 before the Golem spawned.

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    So it's base on luck?

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    It could be based on luck considering I managed to get him spawned so quickly while you seemed to be having an issue getting him to come up.

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    It works like monster park extreme, you just need to kill a certain number of mobs in any of the maps and the boss will spawn. I got the boss to spawn on the first map on accident before I even had the quest. Spawning the boss on the mini golem map works too but I think 2 of them spawns or unless somehow this boss teleports on me, it died too fast for me to notice. The first phase is the little fairy-like balls that fly around, the 2nd phase is the actual boss, just gotta keep kiling.

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    Default Re: Rose garden golem

    Kinda correct, the quest said that the golem would have a higher change at the edge of the wall. The map with the mini rose golems... The bees aren't a phase they're just there to help you collect points.. I made them spawn about 4 times before even able to kill the golem. The daily quest are a pain though lol but i have 14 days for that title >:l

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    Yes I was so unbelievably frustrated with this. I made the bees spawn three times in the last map before the golem spawned. Then when I started the daily quests, the golems spawned five times over the three dailies.



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