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  1. Default The one true god.

    Start at five minutes thirty seconds.

    Welp, I'm converted.


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    Default Re: The one true god.

    I chuckled. I've considered doing something similar a few times to the Churchies at my university, but never went through. I particularly liked his in and out quickly + satisfied customers bit.

    God bless our pizza lord and father!

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    Default Re: The one true god.

    In the name of the crispy crust, the cheese & sauce and the pepperoni, in Totino's name we pray, amen !

  4. Default Re: The one true god.

    He should do it to hardcore secular humanists next. I have problems with extremists in both groups.

    And then build a satanic statue, like in the OK courthouse. :^)


    Before anyone hates on me I thought the video was funny and awesome. I'm a little bit more chemically imbalanced than usual so that's probably why I posted this.
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    Default Re: The one true god.

    Flying Spaghetti Monster disapproves.

  6. Default Re: The one true god.

    Came for Nicolas Cage, disappointed.

  7. Default Re: The one true god.

    man cannot live on bread alone
    but add cheese, a premium tomato sauce, and several select toppings and he just might stand a chance

    covet not thy neighbor's pizza, you can order your own

    other religions promise you the world if only you dedicate your lives to their doctrines

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    Default Re: The one true god.

    Officially taking pizza god as my lord and savior.

  9. Default Re: The one true god.

    you have been saved, by accepting our Lord and savior Cheesus Crust into your arteries, you have taken the first step towards avoiding a most horrible fate.
    being left in the eternal oven for too long. your crust becoming hard and brittle, and your cheese becoming burnt.

    Join us brothers and sisters of the pie, in praising this most glorious of foods.

  10. Default Re: The one true god.

    Well, as long as everyone is accepting and has tolerance for other peoples religious beliefs then I think it will be just fine.

  11. Trump minus th money
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    Default Re: The one true god.

    what annoying laughs.

    and wtp @ the liveleak video. that kid has several mental disorders.

  12. Default Re: The one true god.

    the dubstep remix was pretty funny though

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    Default Re: The one true god.

    She was indeed humiliated (but kept going like a trooper) but I only feel bad for her because of her views and the fact that she treated it as fact (I don't even have to point out examples). You don't force your pomegranate on other people like that but if she's happy with her life...

    I also stopped feeling bad once the "You deserve hell" sign came in.

    I also ended up watching the whole thing because the pizza speech is truly inspiring. I've been a Christian for far too long.

    I accept Cheezus Crust as my lord and savior.

  14. Default Re: The one true god.

    We had some traveling pastor come to my previous university. He said pretty much the same things the girl was saying. A guy snuck up behind him and broke an egg over his head and started screaming at him (true story). Really in incidences like these all I see is self-righteous idiocy on both sides.



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