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    The Ask a Thief thread looks dead.

    Anyway, I need to know exactly how Meso Guard works post-RED. I'm getting conflicting information from different sources.

    Does it use a maximum of 10 mesos to guard against attacks, then drop the same amount on the floor? Or does it not have a limit on the number of mesos used?

    I kinda need to know because I'm testing for bugs in the MSEA test server and...I think it might be a little buggy.

  2. Default Re: [RED] Meso Guard

    I don't know anything about bugs, but it doesn't drop mesos. It absorbs 50% of the damage like it says it does.

  3. Default Re: [RED] Meso Guard

    It does drop mesos when you're hit.

  4. Default Re: [RED] Meso Guard

    I think it drops 10 mesos but it consumes half of how much you've taken (IE you take 200 damage and 100 mesos are consumed)? I think that's how it works, I haven't played my shadower in a while.

  5. Default Re: [RED] Meso Guard

    Yeah see, I don't own a shadower, but I steal it on phantom and I drop nothing. However, I do consume mesos for the damage conversion of 50% of the damage taken. I don't have merit for it however, its probably one of your other passives or pickpocket kicking in.

  6. Default Re: [RED] Meso Guard

    Okay, I got to third job and it's now dropping mesos even without Pickpocket active. I think it dropping coins might be a passive effect of Pickpocket (which isn't stated), which is fine and all except that it dropping coins even when Pickpocket is inactive is pretty annoying. Especially since it doesn't drop just one coin; it seems to be...a random number? Sometimes it drops like 6 coins and at other times 4. Something like that.

  7. Neutron
    Server: Fujitsu
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    Default Re: [RED] Meso Guard

    Msea test server? How'd you get in?
    And will meso guard work against hp% attacks?

  8. Default Re: [RED] Meso Guard

    No, unless you guys have a broken version, the only class forever able to survive 100% hp attacks are paladins.

  9. Default Re: [RED] Meso Guard

    They had some spare test accounts lying around, apparently. And I just happened to have made a GMS bug compilation on the MSEA forums, so I suppose they thought I would be right for the job?

  10. Neutron
    Server: Fujitsu
    Level: 500
    Job: Luminous/Bishop
    Guild: BreakOfDawn
    Alliance: GrandLegion

    Default Re: [RED] Meso Guard

    I'm surprised. I thought they'd let the biggest customers (read:$hang) in on the "privileged" status of testers, given our $$ monehsoft context.

  11. Sacred cow Male
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    Default Re: [RED] Meso Guard

    Would he be able to test any pomegranate? no.



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