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  1. Default Should I rescroll this?

    I don't even fully remember what I used, other than at least 1 Pinnacle landing on it.

  2. Default Re: Should I rescroll this?

    Definitely rescroll it.

    I've been seeing so many 10 att scrolled items ;-;
    Idk if I should rescroll this, since Eunwol and EE revamp probably won't be THAT far apart from eachother(?);


  3. Default Re: Should I rescroll this?

    Probably. That looks like ~6matt, 3stat per scroll, with event scrolls you could probably do better.

  4. Default Re: Should I rescroll this?

    Implying we'll even get this game-breaking piece of pomegranate.

  5. Default Re: Should I rescroll this?

    I do not think EE revamp has even occurred yet, at least it has not made it to the live servers, you still might have some time to wait.

  6. Default Re: Should I rescroll this?

    >game breaking
    >still in test server clearly under heavy review

  7. Default Re: Should I rescroll this?

    @OrionTempest; I'd say definitely rescroll it if you're set on keeping that weapon, it's super easy to gather leaves this year and you can get all the scrolls, protections and safety scrolls you'll need to perfect it without spending any meso, assuming you're patient enough and care enough at least. (and have a few mules you can transfer leaves to if necessary)... though to be honest I'd recommend getting a Fafnir wand if possible and throwing a unique potential scroll on it when the attendance reaches 21 days, it'd help a lot to not have to pay for scissors if you do need to transfer it around before you finish scrolling.

    @DavyJonesx; nah, I wouldn't rescroll that, especially since it's already enhanced 11 times.. there's not really much point. If anything just make a new one, but it's only +1 ATT extra per scroll compared to RED/Pinnacles, not worth it at all imo

  8. Default Re: Should I rescroll this?

    Fair point.
    I just think it's silly how much people are hyping it when it's comparable to MEE's, which we all know GMS isn't getting. Not to mention it would leave a pretty big dent in Nexon's pockets...

  9. Default Re: Should I rescroll this?

    PSoKing it isn't that much of a problem, I was actually going to give it to my BW for the revamp and was wondering if I should take it out on her and leave it as is, or take it out on my main with 100 Diligence and redo it during the events.

    And I'm just tossing her ~90% INT+dHB+dSI in tradable Mage gear that I use on all my characters, so I wasn't really considering Fafnir.

  10. Default Re: Should I rescroll this?

    Ahh right, if you don't mind PSoKing then I'd say take it out on your main for now, re-scroll it during the events and then give it to the BW for the revamp, that isn't gonna be for ages in GMS anyway so no rush, should easily be able to get it finished before the anniversary stuff ends next month at least.



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