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    I really had fun with this one, it was not too challenging with some visuals and study, and the variety and possibilities make it worthwhile for future adventures.




    Ok, maybe that was a bit way too much (even with hungry people), but it sure was good. Another thing is the omission of cucumbers, they are all right, but not preferred, most probably trying it next time.

    Next time I think I am borrowing a camera too, the quality on these just ain't cutting it.

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    I work at a sushi place and watch people making these all day. We don't heat or cook our sushi sauce for the rice and it's the same ingredients, maybe with different ratios. Get a condiment squirt bottle for your spicy mayo so it's not like a pile on top. Also if you cut your avocado halves at an angle they will end up in pieces which are all more of a similar size and shape. Try shredding the imitation crab meat thinner and mixing it with just a little bit of mayo before you roll it. Remember to let the sharp blade of the knife slice the roll and not to apply much downwards pressure.

    Looks good for first try. At work we have a machine that flattens the rice out thinly and evenly on the seaweed, I think that's the only advantage they have over you other than daily practice.
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    I do not know very much about "traditional sushi" I guess you could call it.

    Do you use sushi vinegar? I had to make mine last time I made sushi with rice wine vinegar + sugar in a pot. It tasted pretty good.

    I have a roommate that insists upon using saltwater rather than sushi vinegar, it turns out way too salty though.

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    This looks delicious , gimmie some D:



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