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    Okay, so I've opened roughly 5,200 boxes between yesterday and today and not once have I received a single Uranus Chair, while I've heard multiple stories of people receiving several in under 100 boxes. Am I missing something blatantly obvious or am I just incredibly unlucky? I seriously don't understand what's going on.
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    I got mine from the boxes that drop from the admin balloon that spams chat in towns. Not sure if those are any different from the ones that drop in Evo and whatnot.

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    Not the content I was expecting...
    AAAAAAAANYWAY, have you tried with different characters?

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    I actually haven't been bothering with those at all. I'll go kill a few and see if they're any different.

    I haven't. I don't see how it would make any difference, though.

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    Killing the mega admin balloons in towns yields 15 boxes. Each time i do this.... from the 15 boxes i get 2-3 uranus chairs. i've gotten FOUR from one run once.

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    I think you are opening up the wrong boxes, but yeah... The mega admin balloon that spawns in towns is the mob that drop the boxes for the Uranus chair. I've gotten several of the chairs from it, including a giant yeti chair too.

    I just find a random secluded town and channel hop until I find one. You'll see a message if it's in town. The world map will show where it'll spawn. You'll also only deal fixed damage of '9' to it as well, so it can take a minute or two to kill it depending how fast you can hit it.

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    Okay yeah, that did it. I feel like an idiot for spending 2 hours opening all those boxes now...

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    yeah everyone fights for them in leafre i just went to aqua was empty and had admin on every channel short and sweet

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    rofl you were opening the wrong box all this time ggwp



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