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  1. Default Error code 11002

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    When I try o run maple this error 11002 shows up. Also MapleStory official site is not loading at all (tried on Firefox and Chrome).

    Happens on both of my computers.

    Images of problem

    I was on earlier today, when I tried to open maple on the second computer I got this error. So proceeded to reset router, now I get the error on both computers.

    Is anyone getting this error? Does anyone know how to fix it?


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    Default Re: Error code 11002

    I'm getting the same error. I was also on earlier today. :(

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    Default Re: Error code 11002

    I have "error code 11001 (no such host is known)" is it a similar problem? I can't access the regular maplestory site either...

  4. Default Re: Error code 11002

    I'm getting the same error and can't access the page either, however the Nexon's homepage load w/o any problem.

  5. Default Re: Error code 11002

    I had a similar problem, except error code 11004, on both old and new computers.
    Tried numerous times using game launcher with no luck. Rebooted, no difference.
    Firefox could not go to the website directly, nor by clicking a link from here.
    Then i went to the Nexon site on internet explorer (and it worked).
    and then Firfox worked,
    and now gameluncher works. Strange..

    Edit: Now I can use gamelauncher on the old comp too, but I did nothing else on the old comp.

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    Default Re: Error code 11002

    i got that a while ago, tried loging in after a while and it worked.

  7. Default Re: Error code 11002

    Tried this and and now it's working. Thanks

  8. Default Re: Error code 11002

    Yes!!!! it works now!!

  9. Default Re: Error code 11002

    this 1100X error code, seems to relate to a "loss of server connection".
    If your game is running perfect, and you flick your internet on/off, when you dc you will see this error code most of all.
    over the years, i see it as a default error, when no other real problem can be detected.

    as actual solutions go, you may have old cookies, or a firewall exception error, or antivirus software blocking, or old DNS, or, or, or.... T____T
    One of you said router reset issue; when i reset router, i try to make sure my wireless is OFF during the reset.
    When I get this error (similar to IP ban, cannot even get loading screen), i can usually restart comp, or run CCleaner, and resolve the issue.

  10. Default Re: Error code 11002

    I have gotten this error somethimes when I launch the game through Chrome, but it I use gamelauncher or Firefox it works fine. Similar errors also happen if you lose internet connection.



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