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    I'm hosting an online Smash Bros Tournament before Nintendo WFC goes down the crapper on May 20th, 2014.

    The current proposed date is May 10th to May 17th (we can keep going until May 19th in theory). The proposed game is SSB Brawl with the Project M mod. You can voice your concerns by posting if these dates don't work for you or if you'd prefer another game (though you're strictly limited to Vanilla Brawl or Project M).

    You don't necessarily need a Wii to play. Dolphin as of v4.0 or so has support for Nintendo WFC as evidenced by JoeTang and I playing online. I won't give instructions on how to do but you're free to look it up somewhere online.

    Proposed rules:

    • No stages with hazards
    • No items
    • 4 stock rounds
    • 8 minute time limit
    • Best 2 out of 3
    • If a player disconnects, no loss is recorded unless the player decides to surrender the round
    • If a player disconnects three times, they lose the match and are eliminated
    • First stage pick will be a mutually agreed on neutral stage (FD, Battlefield, etc)
    • Loser counter-picks a stage

    These rules are also up for discussion.

    There will be lag, it's kind of unavoidable and unfortunate and we can only hope future games by Nintendo have better netcode.

    It's expected to be a bracket style tournament, with single elimination. Challonge will be used to make the brackets. If people prefer round robin then you could suggest that as well.

    Prizes can probably be some SP Karma or something, iunno.

    Anyway registration and discussion thread. To register just post your friend code and say you're joining.

    Registered Players

     NameFriend Code
    2JoeTang 0648-8582-8897
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    I will play.


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    I'll join as well. I also vote to do a Round Robin tourney. Seems like it would be more fun and shouldn't take too much longer.

    Friend Code: 2794 / 7803 / 6961

    I also use Dolphin and prefer that over WFC. How is the lag between one player on WFC and the other using Dolphin compared to both using WFC? Slightly better I presume?
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    yes if i could figure out how to get WFC working in dophin(I have a wii, but i dont want to use it on my monitors screen because it creates lines)

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    Double Elimination > Single Elimination. If we have time and there's not a lot of people, round robin would be fun since we'd get more games in. If there's a time issue, cough timezones cough, I'd lean toward Double Elimination. Pool matches are what takes up the most time.

    I'll be using Dolphin and will... do the WFC soon-ish when I can find my controller.

    Also, I will probably not be here May 17th, so any other date is fine!

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    I don't know if people are interested enough to make this happen :s

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    Am I not good enough for you? Is that what you're trying to say?

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    I just don't think there are enough people period.

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    There are. I just think no one bothered.

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    If only we could get @chrome and @KhainiWest to sign up! Something could be done with at least 8 people, yes?

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    I'm crap terrible at smash and I never did figure out how to get my wii to work with WPA wireless.

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    We don't know if that was more on my end or not though.



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