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  1. Default Patch Available - KMabi 7.67

    Nexon posted a patch for KMabi version 766 upgrade to version 767.
    You may download this patch definition from their official site.
    Posted: 2014-04-29 19:06:30

  2. Default Re: Patch Available - KMabi 7.67


    New NPC Skills:
    Golden Heart - Meteor, Fear
    Dragon Ruairi - Swing, Grab, Rush

    MIsc NPCs and Mobs:

    Boss Ruairi, Fake Boss Ruiairi, Cessair Heart, Dragon Cessair, Sealed Tarlach, Crystal Guard, Gold Dragon
    Pink Toy, Pink Toy versions of Ruairi, Tarlach, Millia

    New Title;
    +5 HP, +15 Will, +5 Luck

    I think it's 'who completed drama episode 2', roughly translated.

    They appear to have added a new effect, ShadowMissionExpEnhance
    Not entirely clear how it differs from Shadow Mission boost crystals, if it does, but it says it has a modifier of 10.

    They made changes to the Enchant / Entrust Enchant dialogue or they did something to separate it out. Looking at the dialogues, it looks like they made an NPC you can entrust to enchant on your behalf for 5000 gold. It's named NpcEnchantEntrustView
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  3. Default Re: Patch Available - KMabi 7.67

    I found out how you get the title.

    Complete all the season 2 episodes and talk to Caravan Joe in Dunbaraton. He'll give you the title as a reward. It's not auto given. Teto tipped me off on that this morning.



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