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  1. Default [JMS 3.25] Tokyo Update

    JapanMS has released a Tokyo area which features Kabukicho and Tokyo Metropolitan Government.
    Uni has more information on his site regarding the update.

    World map

    Any thoughts on the new content?
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  2. Default Re: [JMS 3.25] Neo Tokyo expansion

    I know I can expect something awesome from this but I don't understand why they would expant Neo Tokyo though. It's story was finished wasn't it? when Janus rescued the other goddess from the machine and Oberon is destroyed and that goddess in the tree tells you it was all written in certain book which seemingly the Black Mage read in the past... or something, I only remember scraps I read about the original story here, back when it was released.

    In any case the point is Neo Tokyo could have used an update, but not an expansion. Not when you have the sengoku story which only has been developed to its 30% or so unless... this leads to BOTH STORIES CONNECTING (DUN DUN DUN).

  3. Default Re: [JMS 3.25] Neo Tokyo expansion

    Uni seems to have quite a bit of information on his website right now.

    Looks like the people of Tokyo are getting brainwashed o_o

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    Default Re: [JMS 3.25] Neo Tokyo expansion

    I really like the CityHall bgm, the others are fine but aren't wowing me. They could be longer as well.

  5. Default Re: [JMS 3.25] Neo Tokyo expansion

    It seems like all the non-KMS content nowadays receive shorter BGMs. A good portion of the Dawnveil tracks aren't as long as their KMS counterparts and now the Tokyo tracks follow suit.
    I've also noticed that BGMs produced for KMS content are usually better in quality. (although bit-rate wise JMS encoded these new tracks at 128/256 kbps for whatever reason)

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    Default Re: [JMS 3.25] Neo Tokyo expansion

    Looks like Boss monsters modification in Uni so Mad Buffed

  7. Default Re: [JMS 3.25] Neo Tokyo expansion

    Mushroom Castle and Neo City being closed in KMS, Mushroom Castle receiving a complete overhaul with new monsters and everything recently...

    In before Neo City revamp in KMS, with these monsters. Totally calling it.

    Speaking of which, what do the monsters look like?
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  8. Default Re: [JMS 3.25] Neo Tokyo expansion

    Everything produced for KMS content is always better.

    I think Commerci is the only "exclusive content" ever to not be completely sub-par compared to the "main content" in regards to quality. I was honestly so surprised by it.

  9. Default Re: [JMS 3.25] Neo Tokyo expansion

    That's debatable.

  10. Default Re: [JMS 3.25] Neo Tokyo expansion

    Well, yeah.

    I forgot to add "in regards to quality" (since Slip was on the topic of sound quality) to the first line as well when I edited, but I guess even that is debatable... maybe. If you're referring to something like loss of functionality due to the conversion to KMS UI, then I 100% agree that it's debatable. Not that I was referring to that kind of stuff in the first place, though. :x

  11. Default Re: [JMS 3.25] Neo Tokyo expansion

    Other than the UI, KMS was known to shell out crap content from time to time.

  12. Default Re: [JMS 3.25] Neo Tokyo expansion

    I meant I wasn't talking about crap content as a whole, not just specifically the KMS UI. Just things like sound quality, reused graphics, correct portal placement and the such. Sorry for assuming we're not on the same page if we are, though.

    And I quite like the KMS UI actually, but that's beside the point.

  13. Default Re: [JMS 3.25] Neo Tokyo expansion

    Uni added a new post specifically about the new area. Some pictures of the monsters are at the bottom.

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    Default Re: [JMS 3.25] Neo Tokyo expansion

    Just some casual drag queens. because why not?

  15. Default Re: [JMS 3.25] Neo Tokyo expansion

    Well, one of the areas they added is a red-light district (Kabukichou, not the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building)

    Also, it appears this isn't actually a Neo Tokyo expansion, they just added (I assume, current) Tokyo to the Japan World Tour.

  16. Default Re: [JMS 3.25] Neo Tokyo expansion

    Wow.. this surprises me. Definitely wasn't expecting it.

    Is there any video out about this area yet? Are the quests required to enter as difficult as the rest of Neo Tokyo ones, if any?

    Also, what's the storyline? It looks much like something very secret and fishy is going on..

    I also wonder how they'll implement it on KMS/GMS.

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    Default Re: [JMS 3.25] Neo Tokyo expansion

    i miss farming energizers

  18. Default Re: [JMS 3.25] Neo Tokyo expansion

    This isn't a Future Tokyo expansion. Instead, it's a new area entirely, called "Tokyo." That being, Future Tokyo was renamed to "Tokyo (Future)" on the World Map. It's a level 150+ area, apparently, and you get to it a different way than you get to the rest of the Jipangu areas. There's a different Pelican at Leaf Road that takes you there. That's as far as I know and I haven't explored it at all yet.

    So now we have Mushroom Shrine (top-center), Showa (top-right), Kaede Castle (bottom-left), (Present) Tokyo (bottom-center), Future Tokyo (bottom-right), and Kamuna (dead center). Of course, there's also Momijigaoka, which isn't listed on the map at all.

    I'll live stream it in a bit. Currently waiting on a mail delivery to get here...

    One more :

    Most of those dots in the tower (Tokyo Government Office) are monster maps. I'm assuming that's where the main content is. When you first arrive, the blue dot on the left is where you are. The town is called Kabuki.

  19. Default Re: [JMS 3.25] Neo Tokyo expansion

    I'm sorry, but Neo Tokyo >>>>>>>>>> Neo City... a million times.

    Yes Neo Tokyo ended up outdated after all these years but if only for its story alone it was one of the best areas in MS.

  20. Default Re: [JMS 3.25] Neo Tokyo expansion

    Looks nice :)

    But yea, it's good they did the present of tokyo, as the neo tokyo questline already ended with the roppongi mall expansion. We currently have it in EMS, but gotta agree it's outdated. With RED you can kill bosses in like one shot while you have a 4 hour timer and spots for up to 30 people. As the registration timer is 5 minutes, you can actually break the game by killing it within those 5 minutes and re-enter the map while the timer is still up. And barely anyone bothers to do the quests as the droprates are pretty low, making it hard to find the minimal 6 required players to do the bosses.

    A video tour and a list of possible rewards of someone capable of reading/playing japenese/JMS would highly be appreciated :D.



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