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    (Note: Copypasted from my thread on the MapleSEA forums. I'm looking for opinions on this. If further elaboration is needed, I can provide it.)

    The self-proclaimed expert treasure hunter Richie Seeker discovered the entrance to a mysterious cave recently, and despite the misgivings of his assistant Croft, went in anyway. Alone. Fearing that her idio-I mean, stubborn superior might get himself killed exploring such an ominous-looking cave, she decides to enlist the help of passing travelers. Seeing that your party looks fairly strong and trustworthy, she decides to take you on as bodyguards as she explores the cave in search of Richie, promising you a cut of any treasures they find inside the cave.

    Objective: Defeat the ancient evil sealed within the caverns and rescue Richie!

    Stage 1 - Into the Depths

    You descend into the caverns, Croft in tow. Before long, you arrive at what appears to be a large double door. After inspecting the doors, Croft informs you that there are signs of the doors having been opened recently, and that there must be some sort of hidden mechanism used to open them. She asks you to search the area.

    Explanation: Similar to the Romeo and Juliet PQ's first stage. In this case, you'll be clicking on skulls, ribcages, rocks and some suspicious-looking parts of the wall. Unlike that PQ though, there are three switches to find, and they must be activated in a certain order (the positions of the switches are randomised). Sounds annoying, but you'll be told whether it's the first, second or third switch you have to hit, so co-ordination and communication with your teammates are very important.

    Stage 2 - I-it's Alive!

    As you and your little crew pass through the door, you feel a slight chill. As soon as the lot of you make it through, the door suddenly slams shut. You are alarmed, but you immediately realise that you have more pressing matters to deal with, for you have company...

    Explanation: Your objective in this room is to defeat all the monsters inside it. They are mostly undead (with some demonfolk), but not all of them are weak to Holy. Once you defeat them all, head on through the portal.

    Stage 3 - Gloom and Doom

    You notice that Croft is looking somewhat pale, and ask if she's feeling alright. "O-of course I am. I-I'm not afraid of ghosts at all, not one bit."

    You decide to leave it at that.

    It's a little dark, but a quick look at your surroundings reveals nothing out of the ordinary. "D-did you hear that?!" Croft asks in a panicked tone. You are about to ask her what it was she heard, when you hear it too; loud footsteps , along with what sounds like a heavy weapon being dragged along the floor. You prepare yourself for battle.

    Spectral Berserker

    Explanation: This is a fight against the midboss, Spectral Berserker; a large possessed suit of armour wielding a large battleaxe that can move fairly quickly. Being...well, a berserker, it doesn't have a lot of special moves. That and it's just a midboss so it can't be too annoying/difficult. It does do a lot of damage, however. Oh, and it doesn't do touch damage.

    Stage 4 - A Bad Feeling

    After putting a dent in that rusty old suit of armour, you decide to advance still. And your perseverance has been rewarded, it seems, for you behold a large chest near the end of the next room you enter. While your eyes gleam at the prospect of treasure, Croft, apparently a fanatic with regards to ancient civilisations, exclaims that this place must be part of architecture built by some long-lost civilisation. Before she can get too carried away, you reach out and grab her by the collar to restrain her. Looks like you aren't getting to that treasure easily.

    Explanation: More mobs to deal with, and these are stronger than the ones in Stage 2. That is, they do more damage and have more health. After taking them all out, head over to the chest and open it...

    Story: The chest was empty! Before you can even feel disappointed however, an ominous presence behind you sends a chill down your spine. Turning around, you find yourself face-to-face with what appears to be the Grim Reaper himself! The creature lets out a tremendous shout, striking immense fear into your heart. Gathering as much strength as you can into your shaky legs, your group immediately flees, through the opening beyond the large chest.

    Explanation: Well, automatic teleport to the next stage here.

    Stage 5 - Flight for Your Life

    You can't believe it. An absolutely massive cavern with many levitating platforms of varying sizes lie before you. Are you supposed to run and jump across all this? With your legs trembling as much as they are?! You can hear that accursed specter gaining on you from behind. Cursing the sadistic jerk who designed this place, you take your first step.

    Explanation: Yes, everyone's favourite; the Jump Quest. The only obstacles here are projectiles of varying speeds the boss will throw at you from behind, as well as a few lasers. You will have ample time to spot and dodge them (and warnings for the lasers, which show you which part of the screen they'll hit). If you do get hit, the projectiles deal 20% of your HP while the lasers do 40%. The patterns will be the same every time you do this, by the way. Remember that bit of story from the previous stage? While in this stage, all skills are disabled, Speed and Jump are reduced to 100%, and you have a potion cooldown of 20 seconds "due to intense fear" so you can't just pot your way through this stage. This stage should last approximately 30 seconds for a decent jumper. As long as any one party member enters the portal at the end of the PQ, all party members in Stage 5 wil be automatically teleported to the next stage.

    Stage 6 - Renewed Confidence

    You struggle to catch your breath, the immense fear in your heart tightening your chest and making it difficult to breathe. You look around, realising that you've run into a dead end and begin to despair. "Look!" Croft cries, pointing at a huge crystal pillar in the middle of the room, which seems to be housing something. "I...I've seen something like this in some old texts." she says, "some ancient civilisations used similar stones, charged with evil energies, to summon dreadful creatures." "If we destroy this, We will definitely be able to defeat that monster!" You hear the demon call out again, and it emerges from the hallway. Croft's breath catches. "I'm sure of it. This is the ancient demon Deathreaver, a being of pure evil. Our plan...will work." Hearing her words, you grip your weapon and steel yourself. Now that you have a plan, you don't feel so afraid any more. Time to put this old geezer out of commission. Permanently.


    Explanation: Now that you've shaken off some of your fear, you aren't at such a disadvantage any more. Now all you have is an 8 second potion cooldown. The Deathreaver is invincible. You have to attack and "kill" the Crystal Pillar in the centre of the room first, which will cause the boss to be immobilised for about 5 seconds and make it vulnerable to damage. Once the 5 seconds is up, the pillar will respawn, but it will have less HP than the first one. Subsequent respawns during this fight will spawn this second variant. Of course, the boss isn't just gonna sit there while you attack the pillar; it will attack you, and it has some nasty moves (see the moveset above). Like the midboss, it doesn't do touch damage.

    Story: The creature collapses and disintegrates. You have felled the mighty Deathreaver! But as you and your party celebrate, you feel a growing sense of unease. And then, you notice it. You were too naive. Surely such a powerful foe would not be slain so easily. As you and your friends stare in horror, the mighty demon grows to immense proportions by absorbing the dark energies from its surroundings. Condensing a portion of the energy it has collected, it unleashes a devastating attack upon your team...

    Deathreaver (2)

    Deathreaver's Arm

    Undead Sentinel

    Explanation: This second (and final, I promise!) phase of the fight opens with the Deathreaver casting Pandemonium, its strongest move in this phase of the fight. Doing this, however, also causes two large rocks to fall, one on each end of the map. These rocks are important, as stated above. The Deathreaver has become as big as Balrog, and like that boss also has multiple parts to attack; its torso and two arms. While its arms aren't "dead", all damage taken by its torso is halved. When the torso's HP reaches 50% or 25%, both arms will respawn with full HP. Naturally, all moves which require the use of its arms are disabled when its arms are "dead". Bishops and Warriors in general are pretty helpful in this fight, that's for sure. Just watch that Zombify now...

    Additional Information: Remember that there are two arms, and that Maplestory considers multiple parts to be entirely separate entities. This means that there may be situations in which one Arm uses Crushing Impact while the main body seals you with Accursed Lightning, leaving you unable to Flash Jump away from the rock you're behind. There is, however, an exception: moves which prevent the boss from performing any other action while they're being used will do exactly that.

    Story: The Deathreaver falls, its carcass once again melting into nothingness. You are wary; you don't want to be caught off-guard like the last time, but your fears soon prove unfounded. Running toward Croft, you pronounce the nightmarish creature slain. Croft, however, isn't quite as elated as you expected her to be. Then you remember what it is she hired you for; to save her partner Richie. She desperately glances around the room...and then she freezes. You follow her gaze to the far end of the room, and you gasp, for there lies Richie. Upon closer inspection, you realise he bears some injuries sustained from combat, and on the ground next to him you find a destroyed pendant of some sort. "The Amulet of Demonification", says Croft in a solemn tone, and you immediately understand what had happened.

    Exit - Back to the Surface

    Back at the little camp Croft had set up outside the cave, Richie comes around, though he's still a little disoriented. When he sees your faces, he is immediately apologetic, revealing that he remembers everything that had happened but was too powerless to do anything about it.

    Greed had overcome him, he said. He had come across that large chest and found the amulet inside it. He should have recognised it immediately, but he was blinded by greed and laid his hands upon it, and it had transformed him into a hideous monster.

    He thanks you for freeing him from the amulet's control, and announces his retirement from treasure hunting, revealing that he and Croft are to be wed next month. Croft thanks you as well, and gives you the reward she promised before sending you on your way. As you and your party depart, you wonder if your future adventures could ever top this one.

    Endless Struggle

    That's odd. You should have fallen in battle, and yet when you open your eyes you find yourself in a strange room, not a soul in sight. You spy a large, ornate door in the middle of the chamber. "Whatever," you think to yourself, "I'll just head on through those doors and look for the others." The moment you lay your hand on the door, however, you feel something of a shock pass through your mind. The many bones scattered around the area begin to rattle as they move along the ground, and a voice in your head tells you that you're not going anywhere till you dish out some pain on these annoying Skeletons.

    Explanation: You enter this room if you die in Stages 2 to 5. You also enter this room if you fall off a platform in Stage 5. The enemies in this room give no EXP and will spawn endlessly. There are three ways to open the doors: firstly, each kill fills up a hidden gauge on the door. All you have to do is kill enough Skeletons and the door will let you through. Secondly, party members outside can locate and kill the Gate Phantasm miniboss, which will open the door when it dies. Note that each person who dies is sent to their own room, and there will be as many Phantasms as there are players in these rooms. Lastly, if Stage 5 is completed, the door in every room will be opened all at once. Leaving this room places you at the start of the stage your party is currently in.

    Unwavering Conviction

    The Deathreaver truly is a fearsome foe. You are afraid. Deathly afraid. And yet, somehow you can feel a tiny speck of courage burning and growing within your heart. "I want to, I must win," it's telling you. So once again you rise, once again you raise your sword in defiance and advance to protect your comrades. With that conviction giving you great strength, you stride toward the large ornate doors...

    Explanation: You enter this room only if you die in Stage 6. This room looks identical to Endless Struggle, except that the doors are already open. Just head on through.

    What changes should I make?
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  2. Default Re: [Party Quest] Uncharted Territory

    +1 for Richie Seeker.

    Imo 8 second pot cooldown is fine. Most classes pack either the defensive capabilities or healing ability to do fine with it. Weapon and Magic cancel seems just inconvenient instead of challenging though.

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    Default Re: [Party Quest] Uncharted Territory

    I stopped reading at the JQ, because that is where I would stop doing the PQ.

    IMHO a PQ that requires all participants to pass a jump quest will not be popular.

  4. Default Re: [Party Quest] Uncharted Territory

    Oops, I forgot to add it in. As long as one person clears it everyone will be teleported to the next stage immediately.

    If anyone falls off or dies, then he'll have to fight their way out of Endless Struggle to go to the boss stage, or just survive till someone clears the JQ (the door immediately opens if that happens). So there's that option too.

    Or you can have everyone fall off and clear Endless Struggle.

  5. Default Re: [Party Quest] Uncharted Territory

    I honestly hate DEF up skills, because there's no challenge to them, they just waste time. If you can't find the appropriate job to counter it, then it'll be a hassle.

  6. Default Re: [Party Quest] Uncharted Territory

    I don't like them either, so I guess that's that then. :p

    I guess I really don't have to make each arm unique.

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    Default Re: [Party Quest] Uncharted Territory

    Well, not bad, some peoples sugest goodies for it, also i think this PQ would be hella good if it follow a new continent, like when 5 job a similar PQ to this come(not hard to nexon just get the essence but not egual to this one).

  8. Default Re: [Party Quest] Uncharted Territory

    You know what? I think it'll be cool to have to clear a particular PQ or something as a job advancement test. People will peach about it, definitely, but I think it'll be kinda cool.

    Not this one, of course. This one seems kinda epic but might be a little too annoying for a test.

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    Default Re: [Party Quest] Uncharted Territory

    Not bad idea



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