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    Default Re: Government control?

    my thoughts are "yes, and?"

    only one in there that bothers me is the media one. taking the poster at face value.

  2. Default Re: Government control?

    Everything as for the media?
    If a government can not control certain media they would be unable to use it in emergency.
    Spreading false information is a thing they CAN do. But they can also release viruses in the water.
    People trust the government with these things. Naturally there are things that they do wrong, and the should change that.
    That does not mean that it is wrong to control all the things listed there :/

  3. Default Re: Government control?

    A better question would be is there any better allocation of those sorts of things?

    Privatized military doesn't sound like it would end well.
    Privatized medical services sounds expensive.

    WHO ELSE would you trust all the most "horrifying weapons" with?

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    Default Re: Government control?

    Our esteemed founding fathers never thought we have 99% of the technology we do today. Should we really be looking to them for advice? If we brought them forward in time, they'd probably be too busy freaking the pineapple out to give us any useful advice.

    Is living here really that bad? I don't know about you, but I have it pretty good. My grocery store has food. I can walk down the street with zero fear of attack. No one is waving guns in my face. If I get hurt, the ambulance takes me to the hospital. I have internet. We have 100% free books at the library.

    I'm not really seeing anything wrong yet.

  5. Default Re: Government control?

    I'm glad I don't use use facebook anymore and my twitter is only used for Dota 2 related stuff because posts there, most of the times, are annoyingly stupid.

    As for that thing itself, who would you rather have control all those things? Companies that give no s'hits about people? If you argue that the government do the same and is out to get people, well that's their f'ucking fault.
    Your post and the picture just shows how clueless some people are, the people are the government, you live in a democracy, you get to decide what the government does. It's not like the government is some separate entity that decides by itself... but if it does it's because you let them. You don't like how government runs stuff? You raise awareness, you get other people to voice their dislike and make a change.

    Also, how is it not what the founding fathers intended? Unless democracy means something different over there it is the people who are in control. I don't know much about USA politics to be honest, but I'm fairly certain that your constitution and declaration of independence gave "americans" the power to decide what the government does or doesn't do. If people are too lazy to make use of those rights and instead sit all day complaining about things in social media then no wonder you feel like they're doing everything wrong.

  6. Default Re: Government control?

    Saying a fallacious-as-hell statement to incite anti-governmental feelings is plain wrong.

    Blindly agreeing with such statements without giving any rational thought or analysis is just as wrong. [That is, if one isn't completely ignorant.] Refusing to think and hence perform anti-governmental actions is equally wrong too.


  7. Default Re: Government control?

  8. Default Re: Government control?

    As others have stated i really fail to see the issue minus the media part.
    As long as the government doesn't control the media and it's an actual democracy then i don't at all see the problem.

    Works fine for Denmark.

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    I thought the visual representation was much more suitable

  10. Default Re: Government control?

    True, but the trouble is that the USA and Canada are becoming less so democracies and more like plutocracy or Corporatocracy. Dunno about Europe.
    Also the government may not directly control the media, but if some of the same ones who control the government also own the media, then that's not much different.

  11. Default Re: Government control?

    Personally, it's not that I don't trust the government to not use them, it's that I don't trust that they WILL use them when the time is correct. I realize the main reason for WMDs to exist is to scare people into not doing anything, but when everyone already knows they aren't going to be used, they may as well be dismantled for all the good that they are doing.

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    Well let's just go down the list:

    Water Supply - A random company would cut corners to save money. Not that the Government doesn't already do this to some degree, but a random company would do it far worse and we'd never know until it kills someone, and then they'd find any reason to blame the person who died.

    Food Supply - Would you rather have no one checking food to make sure it's at least some degree of safe? Really, this is in the same ballpark as the Water Supply.

    Medical Supply - It's already expensive enough. Make it a highest bidder field would make things even worse than it already is. "Oh, well that guy has more money for a paper cut so you with the gun shot wound can go over there in the corner to die."

    Media - This one, I will agree with.

    Armed Forces/Police/Weapons (Because it's really all the same category) - Because Highest Bidder Mercenaries sounds like the best idea ever. Pretty sure we'd already have had WW3 if this wasn't controlled by the government.

    Money - Besides an old school trading system, I'm not really sure what they expect here.

    Also, this kind of stuff wasn't, "why the constitution and the declaration of independence was created." They were created because Britain was literally abusing the pomegranate out of the people, in a far higher degree than what people think they're being abused for now. Taxes were ridiculous. There were ridiculous curfews. British soldiers were allowed to just barge into your house, take your stuff, sleep in your home, and literally do whatever they wanted. There was no representation from the "motherland." The colonies were literally ignored by the King, and the British were allowed to do whatever they wanted, however they wanted, whenever they wanted with absolutely no regard for the people at all. The only thing that is remotely similar is the control of the media, but even now the US government doesn't have control of the media in the way the British did back then.

    Contrary to what people may think, this is not what is happening now. That is not to say that things are perfect, but they are not the same at all.

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    Default Re: Government control?

    That is not the issue.

    The question is, "What if the government turns against the people?"

    The Founding Fathers greatly mistrusted government, due to their experience with the British. And somehow that attitude has survived the centuries, and many Americans still feel that while government might not be abusing its powers too much right now, it could go rogue and turn tyrannical at any moment.

    FWIW, I agree with most of the previous posters in this thread, including you: the government should regulate (or "control") all these resources (except media?), because leaving them to the "free market" would be worse.
    And if government is in fact in the pockets of big business (and when was it not?), then that is a different problem that should be addressed, if possible.

  14. Default Re: Government control?

    Just pointing it out, but corporations and businesses control the first 4 just as much if not more. And it's the governments job to control the last three.

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    Default Re: Government control?

    Oh yes, the idea of anyone being in charge and keeping track of everyday things we need is absolutely TERRIFYING.
    You know, pineapple it, lets dissolve the government and let all the companies control these things for themselves, and see how fast the country falls to greed and selfishness.

    I mean pomegranate, I live with my parents, and they control my electricity, and my water, and who knows what else, I am absolutely scared pomegranateless of them being in control of my life.
    Of course if I actually was in control of all those things I'd find it daunting and wouldn't know what to do.

    If there WASN'T a government to control all these things people would be stirring up pomegranate about how hard all these things are to control and manage.

    We have leaders for a reason, i'm sick of all the stupid people hating governments just because they can, like the idea of anything beyond their control is just so utterly scary. Without goverments and control there would be chaos, and that would be even worse.

    pineapple this thread, seriously. please don't post pomegranatety, stupid things from facebook and expect us to discuss it with any sort of seriousness.



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