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Thread: My home garden

  1. Default My home garden

    We've had this concrete floor in our front yard for a few years already, and it was getting really, really hot over the course of a day. We thought about making a garden over there for cooling purposes, and boy, what a difference.

    Some sketch studies about colors, different arrangements and sizes.

    Before (jan. 2014)

    Execution (feb. 2014)

    And the final result, about two months after everything was planted:

    Some of these plants were recycled from my backyard, and some were gathered around. (Some of these aren't really appreciated, as they grow everywhere).

    (Notice how the red flowered plant had such a colorful explosion after that). :D

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    Very nice!
    Do you live in a tropical place? Most of the plants i see there are very common in gardening here in my super hot country.

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    Ohhh gosh that is gorgeous! Yeah, I see some very familiar plants here. :O

    Very lovely work to you and those involved!

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    Yes I do, haha. It's too damn hot in here in some parts of the year.
    And the sun's been doing quite an interesting job with these plants, many are capable of changing colors depending on how much daylight they get; some were pink and now became green, while others were green, but became red, purple or blueish green depending on where they are. It's such a cool thing to see them change so much within just a few months. :D

    There were some other pictures I took, couldn't include them in the first post because they were kinda heavy. :3


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    those red flowers, i used to drink them when i was a kid. and i do recognize most of those too, what a great change in the backyard.



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