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  1. Default Need an opinion regarding classes

    Le sigh. Welp, over the course of the last few months, my desire to play Maple built up again and I just decided to binge play--download, install, play for a bit until it sickens me once again.

    But if I'm gonna play it again, I need some help. It's been a long time since I last played, so I've missed a lot of the new classes and plenty of the revamps; I wanted to play the Zero class, but looks like that is not an option at the moment... I've narrowed it down to stuff I haven't played before or revamps I was interested in, so out of the following classes, which one should I go with? (For the record: when I enjoyed playing this game, I really enjoyed mobile, unique classes that let you dance around with a variety of attacks/skills, NOT spamming down one attack or skill.)

    - Xenon
    - Hayato
    - Beast Tamer
    - Revamped Wind Archer
    - Revamped Cannoneer

    Thanks for the help!

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    Hayato or Beast Tamer. All of the other classes you mentioned end up spamming one skill per job advancement.

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    Sounds good. Much appreciated.

    Quick follow-up question: are those two fine to be played unfunded? Since I'm starting anew, I have absolutely 0 cash to work with.

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    Default Re: Need an opinion regarding classes

    Pretty much all classes train well unfunded. Tamer can get confusing over whether you want to use bear or leopard for training. Hayato is very straight forward.

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    Wat. Bear is the only good animal and he uses less skills than most classes at the same levels.

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    not confusing at all since leopard sucks

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    Yeah, BT definitely trains fastest with Bear, especially at MPE, Evo, DI and beyond. My unfunded BT kills MPE faster than any character I've played. It's not really spamming one skill though. I mixed it up between flame fart, the summon, the vacuum move, and the hammer attack. Heck, between the summon out DPSing my hammer and the flame DOT attacking so quickly, MPE mobs died before I could even use the hammer much.



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